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What we can learn about
branding from the NFL

Just returned to the office from a conference called “Voice of The Brand.” It’s the second one I’ve attended in the past six months. VOTB is a series of conferences […]

Through the Checkpoint to the Information Cave

There was a lot to love in last night’s Saints win, but time for two non-game-related notes: – I’ve vented before about my irritation with the information blackout in the […]

Saints/Seahawks Preview: Life After Bye Week

Bye week. Time to get healthy. Refresh the body, refresh the mind, prepare for the run before the stretch run. And I hope the Saints are taking advantage of the […]

Saints/Browns Preview: Hartley Needs to Get a Grip

WHEW! That felt good.  Looked good, sounded good, it was good. See what a run game’ll do for a team? It helped a pretty pedestrian team like Tampa Bay roll […]

What Do Winners Do?

They win, and there are no style points in football. I look forward to better showings from the Saints offense, but that’ll come. One thing last year’s playoff run demonstrated […]

Ante Up

Following up on last week’s blog post, I got a lot of feedback from the Vieux Carre Property Owners, Resident & Associates (VCPORA), the local group whose mission is “To […]

Jeez, I Hope We Win

It’s late Wednesday afternoon, and I just took a little walk around the Quarter, which is already chock-full of football fans, still relatively sober, waiting for tomorrow’s game and festivities. […]

Madden ’11 Says Saints by Seven

One thing that’s useful to remember about the NFL is that it is the most successful, most watched, and longest running television show in history. Sure, the action on the […]