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An Endangered Species?

In the Comments on Zachary Young’s “The Noise Goes on Forever,” one reader writes: I think it is equally short-sighted to compare the jazz musicians of the 19th and early […]

The House That Lenny Lived In

LuxuryHousesForSale.com is reporting that Lenny Kravitz has put his New Orleans home on the market. If you’ve got three-quarters of a mil laying around, you could move into his French […]

Jeez, I Hope We Win

It’s late Wednesday afternoon, and I just took a little walk around the Quarter, which is already chock-full of football fans, still relatively sober, waiting for tomorrow’s game and festivities. […]

The Price of Success

One of the best things to come out of the NFL Kickoff Thursday circus besides ramping up the pre-game buzz for Thursday night – like that was needed – is […]

The Obvious Next Step

My fear after Hurricane Katrina was that the vacant houses and closed projects would create the real estate vacuum that would allow Treme to be gentrified to the point that […]

Recrafting A Compromise

I went to last week’s VCPORA meeting (see Alex Rawls’ blog), where there was quite a bit of give-and-take from residents of the Quarter and musicians. Since that meeting, Councilwoman […]

Let’s Talk (and Talk and Talk) about Noise

At last night’s New Orleans Neighborhood Policing Anti-Crime Council meeting in the French Quarter’s Maison Dupuy, approximately 50 people gathered to talk about the noise ordinance and music curfew. Eighth […]

Say Something

During the Nagin Administration, the mayor’s voice was noticeably absent from discussions of almost any issue that affected the music and second line culture in New Orleans. Now that noise […]

Well, They’re At It Again

After all these years, and all the protestations about how New Orleans is a “city of music,” the “birthplace of jazz.” It’s happening all over again. Our new NOPD chief, […]