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Educate Yourself Before You Vote

Please carefully consider the qualifications and direct experience of all the candidates before you vote this Saturday. This issue of OffBeat’s Weekly Beat has links to pertinent questions asked to […]

Say Something

During the Nagin Administration, the mayor’s voice was noticeably absent from discussions of almost any issue that affected the music and second line culture in New Orleans. Now that noise […]

Quit Complaining and Do Something!

Last Sunday afternoon, I sat in a discussion on WWOZ regarding what we need to do regarding the problem  we’re currently having with the NOPD cracking down on local street […]

Better Late Than Never

Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu announced that he’s joining the race for mayor of New Orleans. I suspect his opponents will make a big deal of his early announcement not […]

No Mayor Mayfield

Yesterday the Associated Press reported that trumpeter Irvin Mayfield has decided not to run for mayor of New Orleans. When we first reported that he was going to run, we […]

Happy (Late, Almost Over) Thanksgiving

Did HOB last night for the Project 2010 benefit. Music was great, but the closest thing I heard to a definitive mayoral candidacy was when Harry Shearer got up on […]

Will Mayfield Run For Mayor?

Tonight’s the night. It may be the first time in my lifetime–probably in New Orleans history–that a local musician will run for mayor of the city.  Anticipation is running high […]