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Education, yes!

Last week’s blog described the efforts that GNO, Inc. (economic development arm of the city) is taking to address music as an economic driver in the city. I am 150% […]

Gathering of the Tribe

Jan Ramsey kicked a hornets’ nest when she raised the issue of accessibility at Jazz Fest for those with disabilities. The conversation that followed in the comments on her post […]

If You Book Music, Please Read This…

Trombonist Katja Toivola, wife and partner of local jazz trumpeter Leroy Jones, sent me a great link that anyone who’s involved in booking music needs to read. It was re-posted […]

Can’t We All Just Work Together?

When I first got involved with the music community, back in 1985, it struck me how little musicians and music business types worked together to achieve a common goal: more […]

Get While the Getting’s Good

Until the Gulf Aid announcement today, much of the morning was spent debating Lady Gaga tickets going on sale 11 months before the show. In the office and on Twitter, […]