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Abita Springs Music and Art Festival Has Sprung

Abita Springs has more than just water and beer. The annual Abita Springs Music and Art Festival is in its third year, and is fortuitously set on April 22, the weekend between French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest. The Abita Springs Opry, an organization that devotes itself to preserving and presenting Louisiana roots music, hosts [...]

April 2012 Letters

MUSIC OR NOISE? The following letters are in response to Jan Ramsey’s blog post “Cracking Down on Frenchmen Street Begins Anew”. Complaining about music on Frenchmen Street is like going to a steak house and complaining that they have steak, or going to a destination known around the world for great seafood and complaining about [...]

Best of the Beat Heartbeat Award: Mary Howell

For more than three decades, attorney Mary Howell has been at the frontlines of police misconduct and civil rights litigation in New Orleans. She has represented plaintiffs in the Algiers police rampage of 1980, the killing of Adolph Archie in 1990, and the execution of Kim Groves by order of policeman Len Davis in 1994. [...]

Sal Geloso: From Street to Stage to Street

Salvatore Geloso, a finalist for Rolling Stone’s “Street to Stage” competition, shrugged when some of the magazine’s cameramen asked for information. The word that best describes his encounter is probably unsuspecting. After all, this is a guy who loves to serenade people in the street for the hell of it (and a little tip money). [...]

The New Orleans Moonshiners: The Many Moons of Frenchmen Street

You might say that the trajectory of banjoist Chris Edmunds’ musical career has been a bit backwards. In 2008, dismayed at a lack of steady work, he took the plunge and started up his own band, the New Orleans Moonshiners. Only after the group was playing regularly did other gigs start to materialize. “I was [...]

What’s The Difference Between Bourbon and Frenchmen?

Last year at this time, there was a serious issue concerning the so-called “noise ordinance,” which prohibits street musicians on Bourbon Street after 8 p.m. and only allows noise up to a certain decibel level, among many other restrictions. At that time, the To Be Continued Brass Band was accosted by the NOPD for playing [...]

Tuba Skinny, Garbage Man (Independent)

This is the third record in as many years from Tuba Skinny, one of the more interesting members of trad jazz’s younger generation. The group is a frequent sight on Royal Street, performing their straightforward but personalized brand of New Orleans jazz. There’s nothing flashy in Tuba Skinny’s approach, but their attention to detail makes [...]

Jimmy Buffett on Bourbon Street

This year’s Jazz Fest poster, “Busking Out: Becoming Jimmy Buffett,” depicts Buffett on a street corner playing for tips. This scene doesn’t come from painter Garland Robinette’s imagination; Buffett started his musical career playing Bourbon Street bars and French Quarter sidewalks. He hadn’t become a songwriter, but New Orleans is where he first started to [...]

Mark “Slewfoot” McLaughlin Funeral Plans

One week ago, well-known local street musician Mark McLaughlin, better known as Slewfoot, passed away at the age of 58. Funeral plans for McLaughlin have been set, with a mass at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 27. After the mass, a second line will be lead by the Treme Brass band [...]

Helping Those in Need

Joseph and I live in Central City, and every day we ride down Oretha Castle Haley Blvd (formerly Dryades) on our usual route to work and back. So we literally pass the New Orleans Mission—the large brown building across from St. John the Baptist Church on the corner of OCH Blvd. and Calliope—every single day. [...]