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Local Color: Record Ron

Just about anyone who’s a fan of New Orleans music knows where to locate hard-to-find albums by the Nevilles or Irma Thomas or the Meters. For die-hard fans, a must-stop […]

Video Vistas: New Films on Video

Amidst the newest films on tape, such as Total Recall, I Love You to Death, and Stanley and Iris, come some rare gems that were not as accessible to theatrical […]

All Tied Up: Almodovar Almost Takes Off

“Nobody’s perfect,” as Joe E. Brown said to Jack Lemmon at the end of Some Like It Hot, meaning his sex. Boy, that’s true! I spent all month looking around […]

Branford Marsalis Speaks His Mind, Part One

Branford Marsalis makes no bones about anything. Just 30 years old, the New Orleans native has accomplished a career peak that some artists wait decades for. His performance scrapbook includes […]

Ear to the Ground: The Levelers Tear Down the House

Band names often inspire nothing but indifference. Not so with New Orleans’ House Levelers. They are not the Housemartins, or the House of Lords, or Crowded House—they are the House […]

Fine Arts: Gallery-Goers Take to the Streets

Every autumn, this city’s art season starts over—this year it’s the evening of October 6 (and on view through the month)—with coordinated gallery openings, in which vast thousands of this […]

Wild at Heart: David Lynch’s “Twin Freaks”

In the show-biz of this country, where an ex-movie-star president is replaced by the one whose favorite idiom is “Stay Tuned,” David Lynch plays a solo matchmaker who twins movies […]

Festivals: Pure Louisiana

It’s cooling off, and the Louisiana Festivals are cranking up again, with some of the best fests just around the bend from the Crescent City. We’ve included a list of […]

Gotta Dance: The Dance Club Tour

“Qualify yourself before the gate keepsman and enter the age of golden lust Fixated pipe dreams, Swirls of neon love and lights… Bow into the beauty of plastic fantasy and […]

Occult Odyssey: A Trek Through the Psychic City

It all started with an oil change. Summers in New Orleans being what they are, I figured I’d better shore up the old ‘bile for the heat ahead. Also being […]