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Ear to the Ground: Fresh Young Minds

OffBeat thanks the world for the attention and praise it has heaped on many New Orleans musicians. For the most part, outsiders think of the Big Easy as a hotbed […]

Cool: A Brief History

Chill out. Cool it. Be cool. Cool is a physical condition; sometimes a metaphysical condition, or even a psychic or stylistic condition. Cool is essential to survival. The extremes of […]

New Jewelry and Contemporary Crafts

It has long been recognized that there is a very thin line separating the arts and crafts—at least where the best and most innovative crafts are concerned. Jewelry, glass objects, […]

Ear to the Ground

In what has become a regular feature, OffBeat spoke to influential and (somewhat) knowledgeable folks in the local scene to determine which acts they think have a chance of breaking […]

Crescent City Caribbean

Anyone who has spent time in New Orleans has come to the realization that the Crescent City is a Caribbean nation. The climate, vegetation, food, language and the pace of […]

Dave Bartholomew: Music Legend

History is made every moment, but often we miss significant moments because at the time the events seem to be commonplace and nothing special. Dave Bartholomew is the progenitor of […]

Slim’s Picks: Insider’s Guide to Music

Almost Slim is an authority on New Orleans R&B, Louisiana zydeco and blues. A legend for his vast, opinionated wealth of knowledge, we asked him to make some recommendations for […]

Classic Graphics: Jazz Fest Poster

The Jazz Fest poster, a visual institution begun in 1975 as a means of celebrating the event itself, has taken on a life of its own and become one of […]

Jazz Fest Survival Guide 1990

It’s true what they say—that it’s hard not to have a good time at the Jazz Fest. Damn near impossible, what with the bacchanalian intoxication of the occasion. But even […]

Club Scouting 1990

My Dearest Stella: I was filled with an overwhelming joy upon learning that you will be visiting the City of Sin for the Jazz Fest celebration. Knowing that you are […]