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Sonny Landreth, Elemental Journey (Landfall Records)

One of my favorite Sonny Landreth moments was hearing him perform the instrumental “Z Attack” at a Wednesday at the Square concert, as the raw electricity of his sound and […]

Mississippi Rail Company, Coal Black Train (Independent)

In the last year, the Mississippi Rail Company has been generating some buzz for its live show, and its debut album, Coal Black Train, hints at what people are hearing […]

Treme: The Complete Second Season DVD (HBO Home Entertainment)

Watching the second season of Treme again, I’m struck by the quality of the casting. Making DJ Davis a small man as played by Steve Zahn gives him an underdog […]

Sonny Landreth

Sonny Landreth is in Cleveland to start touring in support of his new album, Elemental Journey. It often takes a few gigs for his band to click on all cylinders, […]

Theresa Andersson: All By Myself

“Okay Theresa, walk toward me.” Playback starts and Theresa Andersson begins walking in a secluded alley in the Bywater with a slightly distracted sense of purpose when Portland-based director Alicia […]

Theresa Andersson, Street Parade (Basin Street Records)

Theresa Andersson’s Street Parade is not Galactic’s Carnivale Electricos. The latter is a high-energy, hot-blooded celebration of Carnival while Street Parade’s mood is complicated. The title track/album opener gives listeners […]

Various Artists, Treme: Music from the HBO Original Series—Season Two (Rounder Records)

The musical numbers are a divisive component of HBO’s Treme. On one hand, they’re essential. When a show’s about the centrality of culture in a community, you’ve got to see […]

Phil Anselmo in Your Pocket

In 1997, Master P released an outgoing message that you could record to your answering machine so he could tell people who called you to leave a message when P […]

Dr. John, Locked Down (Nonesuch Records)

Dr. John’s Gumbo is one of the great New Orleans albums, but it made Dr. John subtly smaller. It made New Orleans central to his public persona as he became […]

Christian Serpas and Ghost Town, Open Road (Independent)

Little things make a big difference with Christian Serpas and Ghost Town. Serpas can write the sort of clever song that no one in country has written in 20-plus years, […]