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The 24-Hour Jazz Fest Challenge

So you’re in town for Jazz Fest and want to spend every waking moment seeing live music? Hell, that’s easy. What we’re offering here is a timetable for the truly […]

A Long Road to the Center: Amy Helm follows her father Levon

Amy Helm has been a notable artist in her own right for a couple of decades now, but when she performs there are times she can feel her late father, […]

Bonerama, Bonerama Plays Zeppelin (Basin Street Records)

The world is overcrowded with reverent tributes to tired classic-rock material, but Bonerama’s all–Led Zeppelin album isn’t one of those. It’s full of audacious arrangements that turn the classic tunes […]

Ooh Baby! Margie Perez will wow the crowd at French Quarter Festival

There was a time when Margie Perez didn’t think of herself as a performer, aiming instead for a gig writing songs behind the scenes. Those days are long gone, and […]

Borealis Rex, Cut Your Teeth (Independent)

Why wait for the Stones to come around when you can get some hellraising rock ’n’ roll from these guys right now? Whatever it takes to make red-blooded Southern rock […]

The Death of Rock: Peter Holsapple vs. Alex Chilton – Game Day (Omnivore)

Master songwriter Peter Holsapple has been fairly quiet since moving back to North Carolina post-Katrina, reappearing mainly for short-lived reunions of the dB’s and the Continental Drifters. These twin releases—the […]

Galactic, Already Ready Already (Tchoup-Zilla/Thirty Tigers)

By now it’s a given that any Galactic album will sound different than the band does onstage: Live shows for them are about stretching out instrumentally, while studio records are […]

Lena Prima: Coming to terms with her musical bloodline

For the past eight years, Lena Prima and her band have been doing regular shows at the Monteleone’s Carousel Bar. For those in the know, it’s one of those special […]

Proudly Eclectic, Shamarr Allen True Orleans (P.O.M.E.)

Shamarr Allen has always been proudly eclectic: He used the title Box Who In? for his second CD 10 years ago, and he’s lately a sometime member of both the […]

Little Queenie, Purple Heart (Deeva)

There are plenty of reasons why Leigh (Little Queenie) Harris is beloved in New Orleans, but here’s why she’s beloved by me: Back in 1999, I happened into Levon Helm’s […]