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The Rakers, Five (Independent)

Forget Area 51 and Roswell—those hotbeds of paranormal activity ain’t got nothin’ on the psychedelic swamp- gas hoodoo of “Gonzales Lights,” Five’s comically cosmic first track.  Launched with a lusty […]

Michael Cerveris and Loose Cattle celebrate “The Day it Snows on Christmas”

It’s a bright sunny afternoon in late October at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, and with temps in the mid-70s, the line of folks waiting for sno-balls would normally stretch around the block. […]

Hangover Power-Pop: Notel Motel bites back

The Devil may live in Gentilly, as the first track on Heavy & Sweaty tells us. But tonight he and his minions are cavorting a couple of miles down the […]

VOODOO MUSIC + ARTS EXPERIENCE: Highlights to the 21st festival

You going to Voodoo? During the first decade or so of the Halloween-weekend festival, the answer for most local music fans was almost invariably yes. In those heady years, Bingo […]

Jazz Fest Style: Photos of Fashion at the 2012 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

OffBeat contributor Cree Mc Cree caught fashionable festers at Jazz Fest this year. Here are a few of her favorites. Below is a little more info about the subjects in […]

Bas Clas: Back to Work

The Beatles in Hamburg in ’61. The Stooges’ 1967 Halloween debut at their State Street house in Ann Arbor. The Velvet Underground’s living room gigs in Austin, documented on Live […]

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue: Jazz Fest Focus

When Vanessa Niemann takes the Fais-Do-Do Stage with her Honky Tonk Revue, she’ll be wearing Gal Holiday’s signature “fancy” cowboy boots. But don’t expect the classic vintage western wear that […]

Voodoo 2009: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning with R. Scully

Ryan Scully’s got the cure for what ails you. But he’s also part of the disease that afflicts your “sin-sick soul.” On Halloween night, he closes out Voodoo’s Bingo! Parlour […]

Craig Caffall, Hold Me Up (GRA)

During his five-year stint in the Crescent City, Craig Caffall earned his Ph.D in New Orleans music, playing back-up for Irma Thomas and gigging with everyone from Rockin’ Dopsie, Jr. […]

Wilco, Wilco (the album) (Nonesuch)

Wilco (the band) didn’t preview any songs off Wilco (the album) when it played at Jazz Fest a couple months before the CD’s release. But from Jeff Tweedy’s porkchop banter […]