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All About Her: Robin Barnes

Like many local performers before her, songstress Robin Barnes keeps music as a family affair. She is a cousin to legend Dave Bartholomew, her brothers Jaron and Des fill in on drums and trumpet when she’s in a lurch, and her father Robino is her regular bassist. “He’s not only backbone of the family,” she [...]

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Better Than Ezra’s Garden Grows in 5.1 Digital Surround

Better Than Ezra’s third album, How Does Your Garden Grow? arguably cost BTE their label and won them a career. Elektra reacted coolly when the band delivered the album, which added electronic looping and layering to their trademark guitar-based sound. After slow record sales following hits Deluxe and Friction, Baby, they parted ways. But the [...]

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Ezra Credit: Better Than Ezra, Krewe of Rocckus’ Kevin Griffin Chats

Though born in the blues and baptized in brass, New Orleans can still rock. Case in point: longtime stalwarts Better Than Ezra. The band broke onto the national scene with 1995’s Deluxe, your typical overnight success story that was years in the making. Singer-guitarist Kevin Griffin puzzles at the paradox, noting, “It took us seven [...]

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