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My Music with “Lucky” Lee Hendler

“I got the nickname when I was working with Lucky Peterson, a blues artist that I started touring with in my twenties, when I went around the Chitlin’ Circuit with […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Doug Kershaw

What does it take to be a good fiddle player? Well, talent doesn’t hurt. I come from a fiddle-playing family—I started at five years old. At seven my dad died […]

Gravy, “Get Busy Living” (Independent)

Gravy announce a new sound, a new vibe, on this stellar recent release with blissful authority right from the start: The filthy old-school funk groove of opening track “Uptown Getdown” […]

Derek Trucks talks back

Derek Trucks met his wife Susan Tedeschi in July 1999 in New Orleans at the Saenger Theatre. Already an accomplished prodigy and slide-guitar virtuoso, Trucks has since forged a family […]

A TALE OF TWO TALENTS: Powerhouse DJs come together

“When I got the call, I was thrilled,” Melissa Weber—DJ Soul Sister—says of a recent chat she had with Mannie Fresh. For many across the globe, Mannie Fresh (born Byron […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Kathryn Rose Wood, singer-songwriter and music therapist

How does music apply to psychological healing? Music is a non-confrontational medium to address difficult issues. Conventional talk therapy can be pretty intimidating, [but] you’d be hard pressed to find […]

Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie puts a new spin on the classics

“I have an experiment that I do in all of my classes, both high school and college, where I tell this fictitious story about the first governor of Louisiana—Abraham Lincoln,” Dr. […]

My Music: Drew Meez

“I[Andrew Meehan] go with Drew Meez on the Keys. It rhymes. The ‘Keys’ helps, because people have said when they try to Google it, they get Drew Brees memes. So […]

Five Questions with Danny Kadar, Production Engineer at the Old U.S. Mint

What all does the Old U.S. Mint’s third-floor Performing Arts Center encompass? We do a lot of music. We have a partnership with the National Park Service, which does a […]

My Music: Alfred Banks

“The tour is going great—I’m traveling to Fort Wayne [Indiana] right now, heading to Atlanta tomorrow. As far as having bigger audiences out on the road than in New Orleans, […]