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My Music: Mike Doussan

I started playing when I was eight years old, on guitar, but never really saw it as a viable way to make a living. My dad was a musician. He […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Jimmy Armstrong, Co-captain of Krewe of Dreux

When did the Krewe of Dreux begin? 1972.We had a bunch of people who were living in a four-plex at the corner of Dreux and Franklin Avenue. They had a […]

My Music with Valerie Sassyfras

“I’ve been going by the name Sassyfras since my husband [Johnny Donald] passed away, so that was in 2013. We travelled together and played music for a long time. He […]

Positive Vibrations HeartBeat Award: Darryl Young/Dancing Man 504

“I was asked one time: ‘Dancing Man, what is your signature move?’ “I told them, ‘A smile.’” Darryl Young, known (literally) the world over as Dancing Man 504, says this […]

Where the Wild Things Are: ROAR! rocks like a lion, jams like a lamb

“Coming from Colorado, it was interesting for me to learn how many lines are drawn from both the punk and jazz scenes in New Orleans,” Carly Meyers says while sitting […]

Presenting Princess Shaw: A Star is Born

“This rocks ass.” A gracious catchphrase greeting her many life-affirming moments in a new documentary about her life and realm of making it big in music, Samantha Montgomery also declares […]

Motel Radio: A Higher Frequency

“It’s where you want to be,” Winston Triolo says of his band’s song, “Palmilla.” “It’s exactly where you want to be when too much shit is going on.” His eyes […]

Kumasi, Togetherness (Independent)

Kumasi smacks you in the booty with Fela Kuti. And that’s a good thing. The nascent New Orleans collective acknowledges “the late musical genius for creating afro-beat music” in the […]

New Orleans Brass Lifts Country Crooner Sturgill Simpson

“He recorded [A Sailor’s Guide to Earth] with horns and then wanted his own guys to hit the road with,” saxophonist Brad Walker explains of sudden megawatt star Sturgill Simpson […]

Local Novelty Stores Gear Up for Southern Decadence

To the uninitiated, the urethral probe illuminated in a display case inside Le Sex Shoppe requires explanation. A skinny, shiny silver metallic cylinder, its design holds the vibe of violence, […]