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Old News

In the past five years, the transition from print to digital has been accelerating. Old-school news magazines like Newsweek, and others, have given up the print ghost and have opted for […]

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra is not about Mayfield

It’s been a little over a week since it was first brought to light that close to $900,000 was funneled to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and its project, the […]

Millage For Mayfield

You have to hand it to Irvin Mayfield: this talented musician knows how to raise money and how to influence the right people. Along with his lifelong friend, Ronald Markham, […]

It’s All About the Music

ave I used that title before? Probably. But, indeed, that’s what OffBeat’s been about for almost 30 years now. One thing that my brain picked up on pretty early is […]

The Changing Face of Jazz Fest

Going to Jazz Fest this weekend? I am. I missed two of the three days last weekend, alas, because I worked on Friday, and Saturday there was a monsoon. I […]

…Even more music festivals.
But not what you’d expect.

Yep, it’s the Jazz Fest: the big grand-daddy of music festivals rolls again this weekend. It’s changed from what it used to be, this is true. Stuff changes. But the […]

Welcome to Jazz Fest

Welcome to the wonderful New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and to this issue of OffBeat, our first-ever, stand-alone Jazz Fest Bible. You might have read our Jazz Fest Bible […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been raining for a week. Take a deep breath. Hold. Release slowly. Just over a week left for Jazz Fest. It’s imminent… The Jazz Fest staff just moved out […]

Shocking Scientology

The church of Scientology was skewered recently in the recent HBO documentary “Going Clear.” If you don’t subscribe to HBO, you’ve missed a lot of very good documentary reportage, including […]

Music Uptown and Downtown

Not as many people have been around music as a business for as long as me, and just like everything else, the local club scene has changed drastically. I’ve written […]