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Enter the OffBeat Archives

Here’s a heads-up for readers under the age of 30: once you hit 25, you’re not really going to change much—in your mind. You’ll learn more (hopefully), which is the […]

Armstrong Park and festivals

The Treme Creole Gumbo Festival is this weekend in Armstrong Park. It’s one of my favorite small festivals that’s organized and presented by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation: […]

Meeting Ellis Marsalis in Paris

It was 1987 (pre-OffBeat), and I was really just getting into the New Orleans music scene, not really as a fan, but from a business standpoint. I had always been […]

What is Success?

This song by Allen Toussaint has always been a big favorite of mine. It clearly questions the meaning of a successful life: the pursuit of money, or doing the right […]

An Opportunity Awaits Someone with Vision in New Orleans

Just today, we got the news that New Orleans was passed over for the Super Bowl in 2018. That’s too bad, and not that smart on the part of the […]

Welcome to the Church of New Orleans

I recently had dinner with friends I’ve known since I was in grammar school, two people who became a couple in grammar school, got married and are still together. Pretty […]

Jazz Fest 1994

Guess who’s at Jazz Fest? Think I’ve changed since 1994? Well, chunkier and older for sure, and my hair got a lot more red, a little wiser, a lot deeper […]

Music Party Central

Years ago, OffBeat, the Louisiana Music Factory and WWOZ proclaimed themselves to be the “Louisiana Music Collective.” We all promote, market and love local music. We’re about to kick off […]

Mojo Mouth: Selfies Galore

I saw a piece on morning television today that was promoting the sale of charm necklaces that you could mix and match or wear all together. Each “wish necklace” had […]