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Can musicians make a living wage in New Orleans?

It’s no secret that most musicians in New Orleans (well, most musicians anywhere) have a hard time making a living wage. Musicians gigs don’t make much, for the most part. […]

Culture Creators Complain But There Are Solutions

I’m going to make this quick; it’s 10 p.m. and finishing the Weekly Beat has been a multi-hour quest for me (we’re short-staffed at the moment, and I was in […]

Tooting Our Horns

By the time this issue comes out, we will be right on top of the “Katrina Weekend” and probably hundreds of “celebrations” of New Orleans’ survival and prosperity (despite the […]

Soul in The Machine?

Last night Joseph and I were sitting around with a bunch of friends, aged probably from around 45 to 70 (and even some in her 20s), discussing all the technological […]

Hurricane Katrina is Coming…Back

Hurricane Katrina is coming…back. Everywhere I look, everything I read, everything I hear is about Katrina and how New Orleans has “come back” in the 10 years since the Federal […]

Close Down Frenchmen Street

The OffBeat office has been located on Frenchmen Street for almost 20 years. The only other club that was around back then that still exists is Snug Harbor—others have changed […]

Satchmo and Katrina

Satchmo SummerFest is back, celebrating the life of Louis Armstrong. It’s good to continue to call attention to the genius that was Armstrong, and to keep reminding the public that […]

The Devil’s In The Details

One of my favorite all-time songs is Todd Rundgren’s “Want of a Nail,” because its lyrics tell the story of how the devil’s in the details. If you don’t focus, then everything, […]

Irvin Mayfield Saga Continues

In this issue of OffBeat, we published a couple of letters we received regarding Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Library Foundation scandal, and OffBeat’s editorial response to the letters. […]

Independence Day

Independence Day, aka the “Fourth,” is hitting us on Saturday, concurrent, as usual, with the annual Essence Festival. Personally, I really like the Essence lineup this year, but if I […]