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Future Shock

Almost 50 years ago, author Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future Shock that postulated that most individuals and societies could not handle the increasingly rapid changes in technology and […]

Buh-Bye General Lee?

The City of New Orleans finally has the go-ahead via court order to remove the monuments to the Confederacy at Lee Circle, the P.G.T. Beauregard statue at the roundabout in […]

An Apology Regarding Our Review of Tasche de la Rocha’s “Gold Rose”

The most recent issue of OffBeat included a review of Tasche de la Rocha’s forthcoming album, Gold Rose, that many people in our community believe was written in poor taste. […]

Observing Lent: Try Something Different

Yes, Mardi Gras is over for another year and we’re now fasting and abstaining from some of the things we like best, all in the name of the observance of […]

Festivals, Festivals, Festivals

Welcome to the OffBeat “spring festival” issue. Since last year, so many new festivals have sprung up: the Fried Chicken Fest, New Orleans Bourbon Fest, Top Taco NOLA, Beignet Fest. […]

Taxing Liquor during Mardi Gras

What do we do during Mardi Gras? We costume. We party. We drink. We visit with our friends. We listen to music. We drink. We parade. We catch beads and […]

Scandinavian Jazz Church Revival

Do you know anything about Scandinavia? Did you know they are crazy in love with New Orleans jazz? Americans know that Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and sometimes Finland and Iceland) […]

What’s Mardi Gras, if not for Bunny?

In 1835, James R. Creecy described New Orleans Mardi Gras in his book Scenes in the South, and Other Miscellaneous Pieces: Shrove Tuesday [Mardi Gras] is a day to be […]

Acculturation is not a privilege, it’s a right; it’s the future

Acculturation, is defined as “The learning of the ideas, values, conventions, and behavior that characterize a social group. Acculturation is also used to describe the results of contact between two […]

New Orleans, The Party Town, Closing Early?

New Orleans is a late-night town, always has been. When other cities get their night life going at nine or 10 p.m., New Orleans sometimes doesn’t start to really percolate […]