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Government Insanity

I suppose I consider myself to be someone who still has (what could be a radically misplaced) belief in the need for government. I do believe that government should serve […]

Rue St. Peter

Today we all said goodbye to a New Orleans one-of-a-kind: Pete Fountain. His funeral was fittingly held at St. Louis Cathedral, the New Orleans Catholic epitome of the highest honor […]

Spread Too Thin?

Supply and demand rules business. Demand drives the supply of business services. The businesses that are astute enough to accurately forecast a demand for a certain product can usually make […]

A Timesuck That’s Worth It

Most social media sites are (IMHO) a big timesuck. How many hours can you spend checking your Facebook page, or Instagram? I know people who literally check their Facebook page […]

Dwindling Resources

It’s been a long time coming, but the handwriting is on the wall. For media, that is. Unless you have the resources to operate in multi-media (print, television, radio, video, […]

Boy Is It Hot…

When OffBeat first started, I was much younger, full of a lot more ambition than now, and I could never understand why things in New Orleans slowed down to a […]

New Orleans 2.0, or Tell Me Why You Live Here

New Orleans used to be a pretty cheap and affordable place to live. But that’s changed a lot over the past three to five years. You can’t find a decent […]

Everybody’s Money is Green

The 2016 edition of Essence Festival is behind us, and promoters claim that numbers increased this year to 450,000 attendees. Clearly, Essence has a major impact on the city’s economy […]

Making A Living Making Music

I doubt if most readers of OffBeat who don’t make their a living as a musician understand what it’s really like to be a musician, or a songwriter, or in a […]

Free To Be You & Me

I’m writing this now as my puppy is sleeping on the sofa in my office, the AC is on and I’m comfortable at work, and in my own skin; at […]