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Satchmo, Not in Armstrong Park. Again.

It’s just been announced that Satchmo SummerFest event in early August is leaving its home of the last 15 years at the Old U.S. Mint, and is moving to Jackson […]

Crescent Park, A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight

In February of this year, Crescent Park opened. The park—a 1.4 mile, 20-acre stretch of linear park—hugs the shore of the Mississippi River and runs through the Bywater. The park […]

Go-Cups Here, There and Everywhere

One of our distinct local pleasures is the ability to carry our beverages—including alcoholic—with us as we party in the streets in the so-called go-cup. It’s a New Orleans tradition, […]

New Orleans Needs More Teamwork

If you’re reading this, you love New Orleans, especially New Orleans music. What’s the best thing about living here? My answer would be the people and the way we interact. […]

Skeptics Abound—Will The Eagle Saloon Rebound?

In January 2015, OffBeat published a story by David Kunian about how many of the landmarks that mark this city as the birthplace of jazz have either been destroyed or […]

Who Speaks For Music?

Who speaks for music? Is music in this city really that important? Is it credible enough as an economic and cultural force so that there is a “spokesperson” that can […]

Splintering Music Choices

Some 30 years ago before there was an OffBeat, there was no music writer at the daily newspaper (back then the Times-Picayune in its old “real” newspaper incarnation) was the […]

Anime Euphonium

One of the things I so love about this job is that I not only get to meet so many great people, I learn something every day. First those great […]

Continuing OffBeat’s Legacy?

This is probably a weird time to talk about this, but in the last few months, so many people have passed away that my own mortality has kind of slapped […]

A Tale of Maple Syrup

Let me tell you why I have such a great job. Today was kind of a rough morning for me. It was the day I had to travel to my […]