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Social Media Backlash

There’s always been a difference of opinions between generations; that’s existed forever; it’s normal and natural. One of the things I have always loved about OffBeat is that I have […]

Must We Always Win?

I remember a time—not that long ago, let’s see maybe nine or 10 years ago?—when political differences of opinion were not the basis of doing business with someone. That’s changed […]

Sexual McCarthyism

Today (ironically) I woke up to the news that Matt Lauer, co-anchor of NBC’s “Today Show” for 20 years, was fired by NBC News because of inappropriate sexual behavior. Then […]

Which songs say
New Orleans best?

OffBeat’s 30th birthday is in 2018! And to celebrate, in conjunction with the New Orleans Tricentennial Celebration—the Crescent City’s year-long celebration of its 300th birthday—OffBeat wants input from our readers […]

Where’s the Petition?

What Louis Armstrong was to jazz, Fats Domino was to all of New Orleans music. He leaves an everlasting mark. Mr. Domino deserves more than just the obligatory second line […]

Golden Years

Times change, they do. OffBeat has been in the business of promoting local music, musicians, bands and advocating for music and culture for a long time; 30 years, in fact. […]

Is it safe?

Remember this line from the movie Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman getting drilled? Well, the answer is “No, it’s definitely not safe.” I’m going to make this brief, because frankly, I feel […]

Blues Cruise Delivers An Enhanced Music Festival Experience

Are there any readers of OffBeat who don’t love a music festival? (That’s a rhetorical question!). Obviously, we’re all into the music festival experience, in fact, the Jazz Fest was probably […]

The End of The World As We Knew It

The appeal of New Orleans never wanes, despite hurricanes, storms, crumbling infrastructure, crime, educational issues and lack of police. In fact, I daresay that’s part of its appeal: the danger […]


With “Harvey-Gate” taking precedence over any bizarre political situation we have in Washington, DC at the moment, actress Alyssa Milano decided (wisely) to try to take the focus off Predator […]