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A Side Dish Rather Than The Entree

We asked our Weekly Beat readers about which bands they must see at the 2017 Jazz Fest , and of all the answers we received, less than half were interested […]


There’s a real groundswell of change in the city of New Orleans. If, as a Jazz Fest lover, you’ve been here before, you can remember what the Fest was like […]

Zuckerberg’s Box

Shockingly, last week a deranged man posted a cold-blooded murder that he committed on Facebook. Millions saw the post. Facebook waited 23 minutes before they took the post down. Of […]

Stop Drinking and Driving: A Radical Proposal.

Lord knows, I have nothing against drinking–or recreational drugs, for that matter. It’s the social lubrication of our times. I’m sort of appalled at binge drinking, but what really gets […]

French Quarter Festivals, Inc. names a new Executive Director

The French Quarter Festival is now in its fourth decade. FQF started many years after the Jazz Fest, with none of the same intentions—that is, to preserve New Orleans and […]

Does New Orleans Need a Night Mayor?

New Orleans is governed by a Mayor, who has his own staff, and council people who represent their own districts. They deal with the everyday tasks of running our great […]

Future Shock

Almost 50 years ago, author Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future Shock that postulated that most individuals and societies could not handle the increasingly rapid changes in technology and […]

Buh-Bye General Lee?

The City of New Orleans finally has the go-ahead via court order to remove the monuments to the Confederacy at Lee Circle, the P.G.T. Beauregard statue at the roundabout in […]

An Apology Regarding Our Review of Tasche de la Rocha’s “Gold Rose”

The most recent issue of OffBeat included a review of Tasche de la Rocha’s forthcoming album, Gold Rose, that many people in our community believe was written in poor taste. […]

Observing Lent: Try Something Different

Yes, Mardi Gras is over for another year and we’re now fasting and abstaining from some of the things we like best, all in the name of the observance of […]