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Folk Alliance Conference may be as powerful as Jazz Fest in helping musicians’ careers.

Folk Alliance Conference may be as powerful as Jazz Fest in helping musicians’ careers.

Mojo Mouth: A Note From OffBeat Publisher Jan Ramsey

A Busy New Year, Musically By the time this issue of OffBeat hits the street, it’ll be past Christmas and in that weird time of year during the holidays that’s […]

Mojo Mouth December 2019: Do We Really Want Shiny and Soulless?

I’m sitting on my perch on Frenchmen and Decatur, preparing to send this issue to our printer, all the while listening to Keith Abel, who conducts New Orleans tours. He […]

New Orleans Officially Proclaimed a Music Town

Readers of OffBeat, OffBeat.com and the Weekly Beat are aware that New Orleans is, and always has been, a music town. One of the reasons the print edition of OffBeat […]

The Difference Between New Orleans and Nashville

My friend John Snyder, attorney, producer, professor and visionary recently retired as the director of Loyola’s Music Industry Studies Program. A lot of students and colleagues (myself included) hated to […]

Not Dead Yet—Distribution Snafu Affects Retailers and Bands

CDs and vinyl are old-school, but they’re not dead yet. But big record labels’ attempts to consolidate distribution of physical product has hit a huge snag, which will affect retailers and bands too.

Two Things That Get Me About New Orleans. Well, Maybe Three.

It’s kicking into fall festival season, and as usual, there are too many things to do every weekend. Couple that with football season and there’s certainly never a dull moment. […]


As many of our readers know, earlier this year GNO, Inc. commissioned a study to determine the economic impact of music on New Orleans and to create a strategy for […]

More Music Moving East?

There’s a new music street coming down the pike: St. Claude Avenue. Is music moving east?

Music Business Camp

New Orleans can beef up its participation and improvement of its music industry by starting early and informing high school students of the opportunities for careers in the music business.