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Mardi Gras on the skids?

Look at the photos on OffBeat.com. We have a tons of great Mardi Gras photos, both from local parades and from Courir de Mardi Gras, but it seemed to me, […]

Mardi Gras Madness

Are you ready? Weather’s gonna be good. No rain. Nice and warm. Put on your costumes (well, make them first; home-made is the best) and get your partying heels on […]

A common-sense approach to weed in New Orleans

Councilwoman Susan Guidry has guts. She introduced an ordinance in 2010 that allowed NOPD to issue summons for possession of marijuana, instead of a big fine and jail time. Since […]

All Philosophical Assumptions Aside…

I find myself getting into a lot more philosophical discussions these days, with people I barely know. I’ve developed into quite a pontificator in my old age, but there’s some […]

Who’s Really The Winner?

Thursday, January 21 is our annual Best of The Beat Music Awards at Generations Hall. Every yer, I hear a fair amount of complaining because someone who “deserved” to be […]

Bring Back Those Gramophones

I do listen to NPR on our local station WWNO and I frequently access their website. NPR recently posted a feature about the New York Public Library’s making almost 200,000 […]

The Parking Situation

Wow, it’s been a really strange year. So many local musicians and cultural icons have passed away. New Orleans has become an “it” place to live. With increased population who […]

Glad You’re Here

Years ago, I had an idea of doing an awards show to honor local musicians. I tried to push it through my staff, which at the time included Keith Spera, […]

Merry Christmas

This morning, while getting dressed, I saw a threesome of religious leaders—Christian, Jewish and Muslim—discussing the difference between their religions. All agreed that the fundamentals of religion can be summed […]

Musings on a Train

I’ve been traveling to and from Baton Rouge a lot lately. My mother is ill, and it’s becoming a routine trip. Funny, BR is only a little over an hour […]