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Cindy Scott: French Quarter Fest Focus

Jazz vocalist Cindy Scott has always had music in her life. The daughter of a classical pianist and a band director, she was a dedicated flute player until college, when […]

World’s Largest Jazz Brunch: Dinner For Thousands?

Lisette Sutton, the manager of Creole Delicacies, says she’s been in business long enough to know the whole reason behind French Quarter Festival. “The city tore up the sidewalk, and […]

Giant Cloud, Old Books EP (Park the Van)

While Old Books, the debut EP from recent Ruston transplants Giant Cloud isn’t anything new or different, the band’s interpretation of Southern folk isn’t bad. Though only five songs long, […]

The Givers, Givers EP (Valcour)

Lafayette-based Valcour Records broke from their usual Cajun and zydeco fare late last year to sign a local band less than a year old. The Givers describe themselves as “Afro-beat, dancy pants, indie pop love music,” […]

A Family Affair

When Canadian indie rock sisters Tegan and Sara started talking about where to write their new album in 2008, New Orleans came up. Right after Hurricane Katrina, Sara Quin came […]

Who Did “Who Dat”?

The first time Carlo Nuccio heard the phrase “Who Dat” was from the mouths of radio show characters Amos and Andy. “‘Who dat say who dat when I say who […]

Con the Con

“URGENT: PLEASE OPEN TO CLAIM YOUR PRISE!!!” Delete emails like that several times a day without even opening them? It seems almost no one’s inbox is impervious to shameless spam […]

Frenchy’s Film Finally

The King of Oak Street may be the most famous documentary you’ve never seen. But neither has anyone else, really. The film’s story begins with Randy Frechette (the painter Frenchy […]