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Letters To The Editor, OffBeat Magazine April 2019

“Why can’t we, as residents of this city, have just ONE event for us? Isn’t that what French Quarter Festival started out to be?” —Carol Jo Black, Algiers, Louisiana   […]

Letters to the Editor, OffBeat Magazine March 2019

“I need to tell you ‘natives’ just how important New Orleans is to the rest of the world. It gives us a modicum of hope that there is a place […]

Letters to the Editor, February 2019: Mardi Gras, GRAMMYs

Bloomington Mardi Gras I would like to give a gift subscription to my brother for Christmas. It is the only thing he wanted and needed. He has had a few […]

Letters to the Editor: GRAMMYs, Dave Bartholomew and more

“Remember Christopher Cross? He won the Album of the Year Grammy, instead of the other nominees: Glass Houses by Billy Joel, The Wall by Pink Floyd, Trilogy: Past Present Future […]

Letters to the Editor: GRAMMY ban, Caesar Vincent and more

The following letter is in response to Dan Willging’s feature article “Getting His Due” [October 2018] about the legacy of Caesar Vincent.—Ed. Caesar was my great-grandfather’s brother. He was known […]

Letters to the Editor: Coarse language, burlesque and more

Coarse Language Being an avid reader of your magazine, I couldn’t understand why the need to print the offensive language in the Soundcheck: Five Questions with M.A.Q. [October 2018]. Coarse […]

Letters to the Editor: Don Suhor, Irma Thomas, Frenchmen Street

Don Suhor I was excited to read Geraldine Wyckoff’s review of the Don Suhor discs in your last issue [August 2018]. I had the privilege of meeting and performing with […]

Letters to the Editor: living wages for musicians and more

Making a living I just spent a week in New Orleans at the New Orleans Trad Jazz Camp (I play sax and clarinet), run by Banu Gibson and Leslie Cooper. […]

Letters to the editor: Henry Butler, representation of women and more

Henry Butler’s Passing The passing of Henry Butler leads me to reflect on how many great artists we’ve lost in recent years. I first met Henry when he was a […]

Letters To The Editor: Frenchmen Street Blues And More

Frenchmen Street The following letter is in response to Jan Ramsey’s blog post, “Does Less Beer Mean Happier Musicians?” sharing the results of an OffBeat poll revealing that our readers […]