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Letters to the Editor, OffBeat Magazine December 2019

Overwhelmed? This letter is in response to Jan Ramsey’s blog “Not Dead Yet—Distribution Snafu Affects Retailers and Bands.”—ED Major labels have usurped distribution. The pressing plants are overwhelmed with their […]

Letters to the Editor, November 2019

Subscription prices You evil bastards… you know you have me over a barrel with these price hikes. I can no more resist renewing my subscription to OffBeat than I can […]

Letters to the Editor, October 2019

St. Claude Avenue Music Corridor These are in response to Jan Ramsey’s blog post “More Music Moving East?” (September 2019) questioning if St. Claude Avenue is the next music corridor […]

Letters to the Editor, September 2019: Doreen Ketchens, Art Neville & more

Doreen Ketchens Very talented! I had the opportunity to have her as a neighbor in the 6th Ward. Her mom had a “Sweet Shop” on St. Phillip St. I’m thrilled […]

Letters to the Editor, August 2019

Dr. John Mac was holed up in a hotel room between gigs and asked me to come by, because he had dozens (or hundreds?) of his old demos loaded on […]

Letters to the Editor: Domenica, Mini Jazz Fest Bible & more

Real Italian in NOLA The following is in response to Michael Dominici’s restaurant review of Domenica, June 2019. I was happy to read OffBeat’s enthusiastic review of Domenica. It’s just […]

Letters to the Editor, June 2019: Where are the women?

Where are the women? The late-night Jazz Fest landscape is a monolith of the masculine: choice gigs stacked with marquee-worthy names, all with one thing in common: they’re 80 to […]

Letters to the Editor & Corrections, May 2019

Rolling Stones gather no moss Tradition and loyalty be damned, Jazz Fest tried to sell its fan-base down the river for an ill-conceived celebration. Alas, it didn’t work out. With genuine […]

Letters To The Editor, OffBeat Magazine April 2019

“Why can’t we, as residents of this city, have just ONE event for us? Isn’t that what French Quarter Festival started out to be?” —Carol Jo Black, Algiers, Louisiana   […]

Letters to the Editor, OffBeat Magazine March 2019

“I need to tell you ‘natives’ just how important New Orleans is to the rest of the world. It gives us a modicum of hope that there is a place […]