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Ken Colyer Trust Band with Joe Payton, “At Café Brasil” (504 Records)

If you bring up Café Brasil to certain folks, a reverent nostalgia will come over them and the sense of something far away and special can be felt in their […]

Masterful And Exuberant: Tuba Skinny electrifies the streets

It’s just after noon on a sunny day in early March. At the corner of Toulouse and Royal Streets tourists mill about. They pause to look in the antique shop […]

Jack Sullivan, “New Orleans Remix” (University Press of Mississippi)

When you pass a mirror, it’s hard to not look at your reflection. It’s human nature to be curious about what others see when they look at us. New Orleans […]

Mike Harvey’s Hot Club, “Mike Harvey’s Hot Club” (Independent)

The Courtyard Kings have held down Thursdays at Bacchanal for over 10 years. As of last year the band no longer exists but former members have split into different bands. […]

Noggin, “Lizard Brain” (Independent)

Noggin’s new album, Lizard Brain, is a fun house of musical influences: You never know what’s going to jump out and you’ll be surprised at what does. Genre-bending doesn’t even […]

Revival!, “Now Is the Time” (Independent)

There is a quality to Southern rock music that gives it a constant upward current. The Allman Brothers Band had it. The Tedeschi Trucks Band has it. Revival! does too, […]

Kari Sjöstrand, “Frost Blossom” (Karisma Music)

If music is the product of the environment it comes from, then it’s no surprise that some of the original compositions on this album have a Scandinavian quality to them. […]

The Saint Roch Syncopators, “Working Men” (Independent)

There is an unbuttoned charm to this first album from traditional jazz band The Saint Roch Syncopators. It feels like they’re having fun and enjoying the party. Ryan Robertson on […]

Mykia Jovan, “Elliyahu” (Independent)

Most would agree that Mykia Jovan’s debut album, Elliyahu, is good stuff. From the first you can tell it’s hip, what with throwback ’80s fusion and disco tinges being at […]

Tony Seville and the Cadillacs, “Vale La Pena” (Mahogany Jazz Records)

There’s something about this album that makes me want to sip on a cocktail—it has a smooth, lounge-y feel. Tony Seville started playing music professionally in the mid ’60s. He […]