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Rancho Tee Motel Deep Water (Independent)

Like a Cohen Brothers fantasy, Rancho Tee Motel evokes a distinct era on their first album, Deep Water. From the pink-tufted cacti of the album art by Molly Reeves to […]

Lawrence Sieberth, Musique Visuelle: Music for Piano Trio and Orchestra (Musik Blöc)

Lawrence Sieberth ’s Musique Visuelle: Music for Piano Trio and Orchestra is a gargantuan endeavor, rich with emotion and densely layered. Calling it cinematic would be too easy, but since […]

Tom Witek, The V.Tet-Octagami (Independent)

On his first album, The V.Tet-Octagami, bassist Tom Witek taps into one of the best assets New Orleans’ musical community has to offer—its pool of top-notch young talent. What a […]

Five Questions with award-winning author Maurice Carlos Ruffin

Award-winning author Maurice Carlos Ruffin is a native New Orleanian and a graduate of the University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop. He will speak at this year’s Tennessee Williams […]

Shane Lief and John McCusker, Jockomo: The Native Roots of Mardi Gras Indians

Whether you look forward to Super Sunday all year or you have no idea who the Mardi Gras Indians are, Jockomo: The Native Roots of Mardi Gras Indians will be […]

Evan Christopher, Fapy Lafertin, Dave Kelbie and Sebastien Girardot, A Summit in Paris (Camille Productions)

On A Summit in Paris clarinetist Evan Christopher joins his contemporary, early jazz stylings with the Django-worthy technique of guitarist Fapy Laftertin to honor both Reinhardt and several pioneers of […]

Five Questions with the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO)

We’ve seen several street performers arrested this year because of a law previously deemed unconstitutional. How can we protect the rights and safety of the city’s cultural ambassadors? The law […]

Charlie and the Tropicales, Presents for Everyone (Independent)

Do you know what goes great with kitsch? More kitsch! By early December, some of us are about to gag on the schmaltziness of the Christmas season. What’s the remedy? […]

The Tangiers Combo, Tangerine (Independent)

In fine print on the back cover of The Tangiers Combo’s new album, Tangerine, it says “this album is dedicated to Norbert Slama 1926-2018.” If you never had the joy […]

Frog and Henry, England 2019 / 2019 II (Independent)

Similar to the methods of Tuba Skinny, string and brass band Frog and Henry draw inspiration from the dawn of early recorded music, breathing new life into long-forgotten songs. On […]