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Overstanding Billy Iuso

Billy Iuso can be hard to sum up. The New York native has played his way around the world as a guitar player, singer, and bandleader before settling down in […]

Eric Lindell, The Sun and the Sea (Sparco Records)

For Eric Lindell, recording an album usually isn’t much more complicated than playing a live show. But the blues guitarist took a vastly different approach to record his latest album, […]

Rewind: George Porter, Jr., Runnin’ Partner (Rounder Records)

George Porter Jr. remembers his debut solo album, 1990’s Runnin’ Partner, as a watershed moment in his development as a solo artist. “That was like the seed that eventually grew […]

Dave Jordan’s Neighborhood Improvement Association

Dave Jordan is a neighborhood guy, and his neighborhood is Mid-City. “I don’t know very many musicians that have played more gigs in Mid-City than I have,” he said. “One […]

Jazz Fest’s Annual Crawfish Fiesta

During the last four and a half decades, Jazz Fest devotees have developed specific rituals and habits that renew each year as soon as the gates open on the first […]

Trumpet Mafia Takes Over

One of the many indelible musical things that seem to happen in New Orleans and seemingly nowhere else is the strong sense of community between musicians. On any given night […]

GigTown Comes to New Orleans

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is bringing GigTown, an innovative new way for musicians to book gigs through a smartphone app, to New Orleans. To join the GigTown community, […]

Fest Focus: Trombonist Charlie Halloran Gets Around

Trombone player Charlie Halloran will appear at this year’s French Quarter Fest on nine separate occasions. Given that each set is slated to last approximately one hour, Halloran expects to […]

Kristin Diable, Create Your Own Mythology (Speakeasy Records/Thirty Tigers)

When an artist is said to have “broken through,” it is safe to presume that some sort of barrier or set of limitations have been finally conquered. While I am […]

BackTalk: John Waters

John Waters has achieved the rare sort of sustained celebrity that imbues his name with an aura of recognition, no matter who you are. After five decades in the public […]