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Moving and Grooving: Joshua Gouzy is fostering friendships in a dozen of bands

  A member of 11 New Orleans bands, Joshua Gouzy gigs at least seven days a week. The bassist also founded one of those bands, the New Orleans Catahoulas. Specializing in […]

Dave Bartholomew Memorial

    The day after the massive funeral and second line for Dr. John, even as WWOZ was continuing its unprecedented marathon of Dr. John programming, the radio station broke […]

My Music with Michael Liuzza

“When my mama sang when I was a baby, I responded to her. My grandma told her, ‘That’s your singer.’ Singing was always around. Singing came instinctively to me.  The […]

My Music with Cyrus Nabipoor of NORUZ and Sexual Thunder

“I grew up in Portland. Piano was my first instrument, although I’m not very good at it. I didn’t practice much, kind of hated it. When I got into sixth […]

Five Questions with Rusty Metoyer

  At 27, Rusty Metoyer is experiencing success unknown to many zydeco musicians twice his age. His gigs stretch from the French Quarter Festival to shows in France and Holland. […]

In Memoriam: Andrew Cormier (1936 – 2019)

During his 60 years on stage, Cajun music legend Jo-El Sonnier enjoyed rare crossover success, with two top ten country hits, and performances at the Grand Ole Opry. Sonnier’s career […]

In Memoriam: Dave Bartholomew (1918 – 2019)

Described as a pioneer, an innovator, a genius, and a slave driver in the recording studio, Dave Bartholomew died at a suburban hospital June 23, 2019. He was 100. Forever […]

In Memoriam: Nolton Semien (1939-2019)

Joe Hall is a happy anomaly. In zydeco’s homeland of southwest Louisiana, Hall swims in a sea of zydeco players who mix their sounds with R&B, rap, and other mainstream […]

Letters to the Editor, August 2019

Dr. John Mac was holed up in a hotel room between gigs and asked me to come by, because he had dozens (or hundreds?) of his old demos loaded on […]

A Lasting Legacy: Scott Aiges and his wife Lisanne are leaving New Orleans for Denver

Scott Aiges, the first “official” Times-Picayune music writer; band manager; entrepreneur; organizer of multiple events around the city; former director of the New Orleans Music Office; and most currently an […]