• John McCusker

    While it can be argued that Joe Oliver was aware of and most likely heard Bolden, there is no mention of that in the historical record as there is for Kid Ory, Jelly Roll, Mutt Carey and many others. Louis Armstrong ‘s. Perdido St. home at Franklin street where he lived from about 1905-1911, was indeed next to Funky Butt Hall. However Bolden was sent away before the boy was 6. In an interview Armstrong admitted he had no memory of Bolden, only the comments he heard from others.It’s a pity Mr. Marsalis’ appreciation of nuance and subtlety in music and it value in that idiom does not extend to other disciplines. Also, your turn of phrase that PJ Morton ” stepped up” to save the Bolden house is an odd choice of words. He “stepped up” at a blight hearing where the church’s dispicable stewardship of the Bolden house resulted in $2000.00 in fines and the initiation of a process which could lead to the city seizing the property is Morton does not indeed “step up.” Also typo alert: Bolden was born in 1877 but was 32 when he died in 1931?