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Harrison Fontenot, The Harrison Fontenot Cajun Collection (Swallow Records)

The name Harrison Fontenot may not be a regular topic of conversation among Cajun music fans beyond Acadiana, but nonetheless this 26-track posthumous collection will likely bring more notoriety to […]

Calvin Lavergne, Cajunman (Independent)

Though Cajunman marks Calvin Lavergne’s full-length debut, it’s really Cajunman 2.0. A five-song EP consisting of three swamp poppers and two Cajun French originals was briefly released in 2017, before […]

Junior Dugas, Your Love Captured Me (Jin Records)

Veteran swamp pop sideman Junior Dugas recorded these dozen tracks as something intended only for friends and family. That is, until swamp pop legends Tommy McLain, Warren Storm and Johnnie […]

Fest Focus: T’Monde

Friday, May 3, Fais Do Do Stage, 11:15 a.m.   T’Monde continues to expand its universe. In February, the Cajun trio of accordionist Drew Simon, fiddler Kelli Jones, and guitarist […]

Jimmy Breaux and Johnny Sonnier pay tribute to Aldus Roger

Besides Jazz Fest’s annual celebration of indigenous music and culture, one of the special things about it is that it pays homage to those who have influenced and shaped the […]

Belton Richard, The Essential Cajun Music Collection, Volume 2 (Swallow Records)

  With interest mounting in the musical legacy of Belton Richard, it seems criminal that not all his discography has been released on CD, since virtually every contemporary Cajun band […]

Steve Conn, Flesh and Bone (Not Really Records)

  Steve Conn is a brutally honest songwriter. For his fifth album, Flesh and Bone, he discloses dark secrets that others would rather croak first than reveal. There isn’t much […]

Fais Do-Do: Bruce Daigrepont is back at Tipitina’s

If it’s true that history repeats itself, then a portion of Cajun musician Bruce Daigrepont’s life is “déjà vu all over again,” as Yankees legend Yogi Berra once quipped. After […]

My Music: Leon Chavis

“Boozoo [Chavis] was my great-uncle and all his brothers played. My grandfather also played but people didn’t know him because my grandmother didn’t want him to play in the clubs. […]

The Amazing Nuns, Chicken Little Was Right (Independent)

Lafayette cult band the Amazing Nuns are practically a Hub City institution given their 17-year existence and 6-album discography. Ironically it wasn’t until 2014’s In Paradise that the Amazing Nuns […]