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Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble, “Rise Up” (Louisiana Soul Records)

If some of these tunes sound vaguely familiar, there’s good reason. Only five tracks on Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble’s fifth CD are new; the rest (“Country Boy,” “Zydeco Cutie,” […]

Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms, “Farewell, Alligator Man” (Valcour Records)

Grand Ole Opry star and Mamou native Jimmy C. Newman (1927–2014) enjoyed a fruitful, eight-decade country music career that incorporated his Cajun identity into his music. This heartfelt tribute is […]

J.J. Caillier, “Bad as I Wanna Be” (Caillier Records)

Ever since Boozoo Chavis and Beau Jocque staged their faux zydeco battle in 1994, over-the-top self-promotion hype has become the norm, which adds to the spirit of zydeco. J.J. Caillier’s […]

Harry Trahan, “Coeur et Âme” (Independent)

79-year-old Harry Trahan was once a workhouse accordionist in his younger days, playing four-hour gigs several nights a week for years before semi-retiring to play informal family parties. More than […]

Cat Head Biscuit Boys, “Cat Head Biscuit Boys” (Valcour Records)

Though the Cat Head Biscuit Boys’ eponymously titled debut is a mere four-song EP, it’s nonetheless an intriguing cross-section of the band’s eclecticism and versatility. As evidenced by “Diamond Joe,” […]

Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys, “Allons Zydeco” (Lockdowne Records)

Allons Zydeco, the fourth album from Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys, expands upon the groundwork laid on 2014’s Back on Track. And once again, the interlocking rhythm section of […]

Keith Frank, “One Night at Cowboy’s” (Soulwood Records)

For the past several years, Keith Frank has celebrated his October birthday at Lafayette’s Cowboy’s Nightclub, so when it came time to record his third live album, Cowboy’s was a […]

Feufollet, “Baby’s on Fire” (Valcour Records)

Ah, vinyl—it once followed the footpath of dinosaurs, at least until club DJs spun it into hipster status and resurrected it from near extinction. Hence, the inspiration for Feufollet and […]

Ann Savoy “Ann Savoy Plays the Music of Cleoma Falcon” (Independent)

Throughout her career, Cajun renaissance woman Ann Savoy has championed Cleoma Breaux Falcon, who recorded the genre’s first song, “Allons à Lafayette,” with husband Joe Falcon in 1928. As time […]

Smithfield Fair, “Evermore” (Stevenson Productions)

Groups enduring 40 years and 31 albums together aren’t supposed to sound this invigorated. But as evidenced here, Baton Rouge’s Smithfield Fair does so by pushing its craft forward and […]