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Runaway Crabs

Finally saw Julie & Julia last night. T’was a bit bland. How many times can an American mispronounce the French word for beef (boeuf) in a movie about two Americans […]

Buns get busy!

I’ve got nice buns. I really do. The only problem is that they should be paying taxes. Real estate taxes. After our Swedish Lucia party yesterday, which drew about sixty […]

Mama Maseca II

Tamale perfection not yet achieved. Okay, I messed up. Mixing the masa with lukewarm water doesn’t cut it (duh). The liquid has to go in hot, and broth tends to be […]

Mama Maseca

It wasn’t until I made tamales for my friend Golden two years ago that I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. It became clear that I […]