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Rollin’ Joe, President of the Original Pigeon Town Steppers Social Aid and Pleasure Club

Troval Jefferson: “In the band, they have maybe five or six instruments. When you’re on the street, each one of them will give you a different tone. With the tuba, […]

In the Spirit with Bryson Downham at Toups South

“The artist I made this drink for is Kaye the Beast. He’s a local rapper in the up-and-coming phase, but I’ve seen him a few times around town and he’s […]

The Dish: Chef Steve Himelfarb on Cake Café’s Lox & Eggs

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? The whole menu is really a cross section of my life—what I grew up with in Washington DC, […]

Q&A: Director Lily Keber on “Buckjumping”

You previously directed Bayou Maharajah about the late, great New Orleans pianist James Booker. How come you wanted to do a film about dance? When people talk about New Orleans […]

In The Spirit: Marsh Prudhomme/Gabrielle

“My grandmother in Lafayette makes a lot of cherry bounce and it’s super strong. She’s very old school except that she also teaches yoga, pilates and zumba [laughs]. She’s a […]

The Dish: Chef Hayley Vanvleet on Curio’s Pork Loin Po-Boy

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? That has to be my panéed pork loin po-boy, because I’m from the Midwest, a small town in […]

The Dish: Chef Daniel Esses on Three Muses’ Pork Belly Sliders

What do the pork belly sliders at Three Muses say about the kind of restaurant you run? The dish was conceived through an amalgamation of all the cooks in the […]

King James [Jimmy Horn] hits the Spot at Frady’s

How did you pick this place? I know people who’ve been coming here from the Westbank for plate lunches for 30 years. ‘Don’t they have plate lunches on the Westbank?’ […]

In the Spirit: Norton Christopher at Sac-a-Lait

“I picked Wayne Toups, Louisiana native and one of the only zydeco musicians to ever win a Grammy. We’ve done several events with him, and he’s a real big Caymus [Cabernet […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Cindy Scott—singer and now full-time faculty at Berklee School of Music in Boston

Congrats! Any idea how many applied for your position? I’m sure a lot of people applied. I submitted my application on a whim, sort of, the night before the deadline. […]