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Oh, Tart!

Notes: Thumbs up for the lemon tart at our Treme-watching party last night. Very, very lemony (desired effect) but a bit too puddingy (hello? SIX eggs! what did I expect?). […]

Pizza, Pizza!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Gia Prima, wife of the late Louis Prima, and she told me a story of how fellow Italians used to call her and […]

Grand Canyon Salad Dressing

Every month, I make a big batch of salad dressing to keep on hand in the fridge, stored in recycled mustard and honey bottles. Every time I make it I […]

Swedish Crawfish

I boiled Swedish crawfish this weekend. With my two kids in the backseat of the car, doors open and the engine running, I pulled up to a roadside garden (on […]


On our way up First Street the weekend before Mardi Gras, we ran into chickens promenading around a Garden District mansion. Today, I spotted chickens on Louisiana about a block […]

Tit for Lunch

Okay, not really tit. It’s probably spelled thit, but either way it’s the tit that puts the pork in the Vietnamese po-boy. After trying one made by the church ladies […]

Impossible Pie

We had some friends over for dinner last week and the discussion turned to pie. So I had to revisit our Katrina story. After the storm, my darling homeless husband […]

Cooking for Sylar

Pitiful, I know. And I don’t even have TV. But after the kids go to bed there’s not much I’m good for, except watching television shows on the computer and […]


It’s not every year I prepare gallons of glögg for our yearly Lucia party, and end up making a second batch. Glögg? YES. It’s Swedish for liquid cheer, and makes the […]