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Classic Songs of Louisiana: “Carnival Time”

“The Green Room is smokin’ and the Plaza’s burnin’ down, Throw my baby out the window, let those joints burn down, All because it’s Carnival time, It’s Carnival time, Oh […]

Waylon Jennings, Nashville Rebel (RCA Nashville/ Legacy)

He started out playing bass for Buddy Holly on that fatal final tour; spent the ’60s fighting the Nashville establishment for a sound of his own and finally persevered and […]

Various Artists, Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal (Numero Group)

Headed up by a trio of self-described “recovering record collectors,” the Numero Group prides itself on throwing the spotlight on the unknown, from Belize’s curious stew of jazzy soul to […]

Wayne “”The Train”” Hancock, Tulsa (Bloodshot)

It’s been over a decade since honky-tonk visionary Wayne “The Train” Hancock began criss-crossing the country in a seemingly endless loop of one-nighters, spreading his jazz-infused hillbilly gospel far and […]

A Blue-Eyed Farewell

One day in 1955, 15-year old Doug Ardoin sat down behind a make-shift drum kit, twisted the harmonica rack that he’d fashioned from a coat-hanger around his neck, plugged in […]

Earl Stanley: Ninth Ward Rumble

Earl Stanley sits in the living room of his Metairie home, flanked by two splashy movie posters starring the East Side Kids and Cesar Romero. On the coffee table in […]