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Carnival Cuisine

Yes, there is such a thing as Mardi Gras cuisine. Well…sort of. One certified, almost sanctified, Carnival comestible is the King Cake, which is undeniably ubiquitous—200,000 of them this season. […]

NewsBeat February 1990

“Throw me somethin’, mistah!” That’s the cry heard ’round the world from New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and in this issue of OffBeat, we hope to fill you in on […]

NewsBeat January 1990

Well, what else can we say? The party season’s officially “on” in New Orleans. We have so many events this month that the city’s in a frenzy trying to prepare […]

NewsBeat December 1989

”Make a Joyful Noise!” …a paean to the gospel music that permeates New Orleans’ neighborhoods during the holiday season, and all during the year, for that matter. New Orleans loves […]

NewsBeat November 1989

New Orleans is the cultural capitol of the Deep South, and November proves that the Crescent City’s commitment to the arts is still flourishing, despite hard economic times. The resurgence […]

Swamp Fest: Acadian Do at the Audubon Zoo

For the last four years the Audubon Zoo has started off its fall season with its Louisiana Swamp Festival. Billed as “the ultimate Cajun experience,” it is a celebration of […]

Chamber Music: Harmonic Interlude in the High Rise District

The Windsor Court Hotel is known for its personal qualities as well as a consistent level of excellence. Everything about it seems to stand in contrast to the impersonal and […]

NewsBeat October 1989

With the weather cooling down a bit, the music, entertainment and arts scene in New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana is heating up. On a grass roots level, this […]

NewsBeat September 1989

In case you might not have noticed, South Louisiana music is becoming almost as popular as Cajun cuisine…at least in the world of advertising. In fact, just about any time […]

Obscure Wonders

Most visitors to New Orleans are quickly made aware of the standard sights and tourist fare. Beyond Bourbon Street there is the French Quarter, the Garden District, the streetcar, the […]