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Rick Bear and Friends, “Sweetness” (Independent)

Like the perfect butler, the perfect jazz drummer is usually invisible but crucial, and Rick Bear takes that lesson to heart on his debut solo album, sitting comfortably in the […]

CoolNasty, “Light Green” (Independent)

If there was ever any true indication that hip-hop has evolved into the go-to African-American improvisational form, this jazz-funk ensemble is it. There’s not one bit of spoken word on […]

Sean Hobbes, “About Myself” (Independent)

Sean Hobbes is a Philadelphia expat who’s engendered some buzz around town with a series of mixtapes that bind his love of modern R&B (Philly natives seem to be born […]

Naughty Professor, “Identity” (Independent)

It’d be unfair to categorize Naughty Professor as a mere backing band on their latest set, since they’ve already got three fantastic instrumental albums under their belt (two studio, one […]

Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, “sketch” (Full Frontal Records)

You’ve got to love anybody this hyphenated. Johnny Sketch and his Dirty Notes were pioneers in the local funk-rock bad-boy jam-band department, but they’ve continuously refined their sound like old […]

Water Seed, “We Are Stars” (Independent)

“Open Sesame,” the first track on Water Seed’s fifth album, isn’t the Kool & the Gang club hit from the early Seventies, but that’s not for lack of trying: The […]

The Deslondes: In a hurry to take it slow

“I set down with my back against the wall looking all through the troubled, tangled, messed-up men. Traveling the hard way. Dressed the hard way. Hitting the long old lonesome […]

Deltaphonic, “See Red” (Independent)

Two years ago, Deltaphonic’s debut full-length debut, Texas Texas, came out of nowhere to redefine, despite its title, that distinctly New Orleans blend of blues, rock and funk that rules […]

Chase Tyler, “Tailgate Sunset” (Independent)

Chase Tyler calls Baton Rouge home, and he identifies strongly with it; not for nothing does he work Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge” into his shows. It’s that kind of […]

Lord David, “Blood from a Stone” (Independent)

It works just fine for the here and now, but this debut from local singer-songwriter Lord David sounds like it should be copyrighted 1991, that fateful year when hair-metal crested […]