The Bummers, “Dairy Beach” (Independent)

bummers-dairy-beachNear daily heat advisories, algae choking the Gulf, sharks, flesh-eating bacteria … 2019 is not turning out to be a banner year for beach-going. So why not stay at home and enjoy some anti-beach music from this local pop-rock foursome? If you haven’t seen the Bummers at One Eyed Jacks or House of Blues, just know that their latest EP doesn’t contain any surf-rock stompers or Parrothead boat stories, but it is intriguing. Dairy Beach contains punchy tunes with moody, pastel chords, equally reminiscent of post-grunge Foo Fighters, a less screamo At The Drive-In, and the sorely missed Adventures of Jet. And with the band’s tricky rhythms and stubborn avoidance of the easy hook, the Bummers also bear a resemblance to the equally lamented New-Wave era band, the Shoes.

The group is punky—“First Wok” gets the job done in just over a minute—but the secret weapon is their ironic eye, which is at its sharpest on catchy and seemingly upbeat songs like the lurching title track (all about actors in a beach scene “grasping for meaning and desperate for attention”), and fun ditties like “Kill Yourself”: “Existence is just a bunch of random factors all designed to fuck me up.” Endless bummers indeed.