Feufollet, “Baby’s on Fire” (Valcour Records)

Ah, vinyl—it once followed the footpath of dinosaurs, at least until club DJs spun it into hipster status and resurrected it from near extinction. Hence, the inspiration for Feufollet and Valcour Records’ debut 45, a random colored 7” vinyl.


“Baby’s On Fire,” the A side, takes Brian Eno’s iconic classic and applies jaunty Keith Frank accordion stylings on top of thrusty rhythms and layers of twangy guitars, fiddles and organ all skanking along. The B side “Clair de la lune” was first written and recorded by a 20-year-old Vin Bruce for Columbia Records in 1952. Compared to the original, Feufollet’s version is considerably more souped up and basks in a grandiose, mystical aura. Kelli Jones-Savoy’s high vocals lead the charge while the arrangement climaxes with Andrew Toups’ space-traveling cosmic keyboard ride. Midway through, Feufollet modulates keys, thereby injecting more energy and life into one of Bruce’s career-defining originals. If there were ever two songs that captured the essence of Feufollet, these would be them.