Nutrio, Nutrio (Independent)

All original material fills this disc by Nutrio, an adventurous jazz trio with saxophonist and clarinetist Byron Asher, bassist Trey Boudreaux and drummer Shawn Myers. Myers kicks the session off aggressively on Asher’s “The Hero,” with the composer offering contrast when jumping in on clarinet. “The Hero” constantly changes moods and tones and eventually becomes more introspective, especially when compared to the assertiveness displayed at the tune’s beginning.

Boudreaux gets more front time on his own composition, “Knowing,” which moves along ever so slowly. Things liven up on “Trini-Cul” and actually get swinging with Asher leading the way on tenor. At just under three minutes, this is the shortest selection on the album with the other four cuts coming in at around six minutes. Its flair and quick pace is refreshing, especially standing among the more experimental and demanding material heard on the rest of the CD. There is a touch of romance on Boudreaux’s second contribution, “Fade,” with a rhythm that occasionally suggests a waltz.

These three musicians have been heard in various settings and performing in a range of styles on the New Orleans music scene. For instance, Asher has played with such diverse bands as Smoking Time Jazz Club and Los Po-Boy- Citos. Together as Nutrio, they have the opportunity to enjoy complete freedom of expression.