St. Cyr Jazz, What We Carry (Independent)

Major currents in New Orleans history and music motivate this album from St. Cyr Jazz. Composed by trumpet player Dr. Mark St. Cyr, What We Carry is a musical suite based on the experience and after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. It features Amos Singleton on piano, Daryl Davis on guitar, Julianna Compton on cello, Mitch Hayes on drums, and Dr. Mark St. Cyr on trumpet and piano. Its eight tracks reflect on trauma and survival, the horrors people witnessed, and the strength it took to stay standing. It begins in solitary despair with “August 29, 2005,” “I Couldn’t Imagine,” and “We Need Help;” transitions to melancholy pensiveness with “Interlude,” “Why Did it Take So Long,” and “There’s Nothing Here Anymore;” and finishes with the uplifting joy of “I’m a Survivor” and “Big Baby JC”. Dr. Mark St. Cyr, who is related to the pioneering jazz banjoist, Johnny St. Cyr, released the album in conjunction with a live production at The Marigny Opera House on August 29th 2019. St. Cyr says composing the album was emotionally challenging, but his intention was to create music that would inspire, heal, and uplift not just survivors of the storm, but anyone who has ever experienced trauma.