Super T Broussard & the Zydeco Steppers, Goin’ Live (Independent)

Some day when it’s all over, Chris Ardoin will be anointed a patron saint of zydeco since he’s helmed so many records for his contemporaries, including two now for ‘couzan’ T Broussard. On Broussard’s first recording in a decade, the multi-skilled Ardoin plays drums, thumpy bass, prancing keyboards and roasting guitar while Broussard plays accordions and sang on this mostly original affair.

Broussard follows a blueprint found on a lot of zydeco albums, covers the usual bases—a Creole French–sung waltz (“File’ Whiskey”) a sexy swingout (“Bed Party”) and the self-explanatory, hip-swaying “Da Blues.” But lighthearted approach and Broussard’s sly sense of humor are what make it fun, like the reeling “Zydeco Gon’ Wild” where he remarks that his zydeco will soon be on CNN. “I’m A Zydeco Stepper” practically becomes a choreographed dance while “Cookie Jar” sports jaunty, keyboard-squelching grooves.

But given the title track, don’t think of this as a live affair but rather an opportunity to comment on zydeco’s current state of affairs. For the younger set, it’s become more of a concert than a dance and snapping selfies to post on social media has become the norm. Of course, when Broussard performs “Goin’ Live” these days, all the phones pop out, lights flash and the cycle perpetuates itself once again.

What will never go out of style is what Broussard advocates for on “Supa T Anthem”: an end to racism, violence and killing. It’s a message that’s sincerely delivered and a sonic prayer for peace that can never get old.