George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic will perform a final New Year's show on December 27

Win tickets to see George Clinton’s final New Year’s show in NOLA

On December 27 and 28, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will put on a two-night residency in what will be their final New Year’s shows in New Orleans.

We are giving away a pair of tickets to the December 27 show, which takes place at the House of Blues. Also performing are DJ Soul Sister and Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf. To enter, fill out the form below (and don’t forget to take advantage of bonus entries!). We’ll notify the winner via e-mail on Friday, December 21.

Tickets for the December 27 show are available here and range from $47.50 – $100.00.

In 2017, George Clinton spoke with OffBeat for Backtalk. The following is an excerpt:

I’ve heard from many songwriters and musicians that the music business is cutthroat. Dr. John, for instance, calls the music business a racket.

Oh, it is. It’s straight gangster. But you get another chance at the apple. You can get your copyrights back and all of that.

Have your music business dealings taken a turn for the better recently?

I’m just starting to get the ownership of the music back now. I’ve worked for years for it. I just got ‘Atomic Dog’ back. Just got ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ and ‘Knee Deep’ back. So, I’m doing real good. But I had to go through hell. I mean, I spent millions of dollars fighting for it. But I finally got it back and all of the licenses are coming to me now. So, it’s going to be good for my heirs. That’s what I was fighting for, mostly. My grandkids, my kids.