Harry Potter Burlesque Parody to Debut this Weekend

The Society of Sin will add an extra dose of fantasy to fantasy literature when the performance troupe debuts Harry Potter & The Bedchamber of Secrets this weekend.

Written and directed by Society of Sin founder Xena Xeit-Geist, the burlesque parody show will offer a send-up of the popular Harry Potter series. Cast members include Xeit-Geist herself as Harry Potter, Cherry Bombshell as Hermione, Remy Dee as Draco Malfoy, Lune Noirr as Luna Lovegood, Jade Bronte Patton as Rita Skeeter, Angie Zeiderman as Moaning Myrtle and Crooked Stevie Pound as the Human Sorting Hat and He-Who-Cannot-Be-Shamed, and many more.

Four performances will take place at New Orleans’ Eiffel Society this weekend with the first two slated for 8:30pm (that one currently sold out except for super VIP) and midnight on Friday, October 21, and the following two scheduled for 8pm and midnight on Sunday, October 23. The play lasts roughly 90 minutes and will feature a 10-minute intermission.

Evidently, The Society of Sin decided to parody Harry Potter in honor of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, a new J.K. Rowling-penned stage play that marks the latest addition to the series, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a forthcoming film based on a 2001 Rowling book that takes place in the Harry Potter universe.

Tickets for Harry Potter & The Bedchamber of Secrets are on sale here.