Video: New Orleans barbershop, Oak Street featured in new iPhone commercial

New Orleans’ own Family Barbershop was showcased in a new commercial for Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, none of the establishment’s actual owners or employees are featured in the ad, which takes places inside the Oak Street barbershop. All of the people in the commercial are actors, though the location and its surrounding area are very real.

The 1-minute commercial utilizes some creative editing and some catchy music to build a narrative around the phone’s portrait photography feature, as that appears to be the ad’s selling point. The music, by the way, is a segment from ‘70s/’80s Nigerian synth-funk master William Onyeabor’s “Fantastic Man” (if you aren’t familiar with his work, do yourself a favor and look into 2013’s Who is William Onyeabor? compilation).

  • Ella Vater-Belding

    No typos — that is until the second sentence.

    Find it yourself. I’m tired of helping every G.D. website I read with free editing!

    • SnakeArbusto

      I hear you. And there’s this: “‘70s/’80s”. They got it right once and wrong once. It’s “’70s” and not ‘70s” – Alt-0146 on your number pad.