Screengrab from "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Video: The Revivalists go for two on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The Revivalists made arguably their biggest TV appearance to date last night when they dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to play a pair of tunes. While past TV slots have focused on band’s smash hit “Wish I Knew You,” the two-song format allowed them to dive into “Fade Away”—another cut from their 2015 album Men Amongst Mountains—as well.

Since last fall, The Revivalists have played “Wish I Knew You” on TODAYThe Ellen Degeneres Show and ConanOriginally released in 2015, the song has slowly, but surely, climbed the charts since it was put out as a single in in February 2016. The tune recently began appearing on Top 40 programs in major markets, less than a year after reaching #1 on the Adult Alternative Radio and Alternative Radio charts.

“Fade Away”


“Wish I Knew You”