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Bourbon Street Needs a Re-Do

I’ve been thinking about Bourbon Street. Yesterday I received a visit from Professor Nestor Regino, who came by the office to present me with a copy of a report he […]

More Than Just Festivals and Sports

This afternoon I was lucky enough to be able to leave the office and trek out to the Fair Grounds to take care of a little business. Oh what a […]

Bourbon Business Is Victim of Noise Issues

Bourbon Heat, the bar at 711 Bourbon Street, was recently fined $500 for being a “public nuisance” based on complaints from neighbors about the club. Strict sanctions were handed down […]

Let’s Just Shut Frenchmen Street Down

Do you love music? Do you love Frenchmen Street? Your days of enjoying this only-in-New Orleans phenomenon of a live music street may soon be coming to an end. I […]

None of Us Can Hear Anymore

With all the controversy surrounding the noise ordinances in New Orleans, and how changes in the ordinance will affect residents and businesses, very little attention has been paid to the […]

Police Horse Poppin’ on Bourbon Street: Video

Dip, baby, dip / slide and move your hips —Glen David Andrews, Lil’ Rascals Brass Band’s “Knock with Me, Rock with Me” The latest local video making the viral rounds […]

Rotten, Really Rotten Apples

You know that old idiom, “A rotten apple spoils the barrel”? We had a taste of that on Halloween night when two morons on Bourbon Street and Canal Street decided to […]

Bring the Noise

In the wake of the bust of Bacchanal, supporters of live music in the city have portrayed government as being anti-live music. I don’t think that’s true in the sense […]

Music = Noise?

From the time that cities grew larger, there’s been a clash between residents and businesses who serve them. I suppose that’s one of the many reasons American suburbs developed. You […]

Paying Musicians on Frenchmen–How Do We Do It?

Received a call from a local musician, complaining about the pay musicians receive when they play at clubs on Frenchmen Street. “Sometimes I’ll drive in [he lives in a suburb] […]