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Crescent Park, A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight

In February of this year, Crescent Park opened. The park—a 1.4 mile, 20-acre stretch of linear park—hugs the shore of the Mississippi River and runs through the Bywater. The park […]

New Orleans Means Music

Here we go again. Over the past few years New Orleans businesses who feature music have fought against neighborhood associations and aggressive plaintiff attorneys over the noise ordinance. This isn’t new; […]

New Orleans, Culture of the Clique

New Orleans, despite its reputation for being open, friendly and welcoming, still what I call a “culture of clique.” I also call it the “I’m behind the police barricade and […]

Texas is a lot more progressive

Sue Mobley, the Executive Director of Sweet Home New Orleans has written some thought-provoking letters, one of which I published in my blog last week, which was echoed in a […]

Bacchanal: Fighting the Wrong Fight

Thirteen hours ago, a video was posted on Vimeo titled “Save the Music at Bacchanal.” The sentiment’s a good one and I hope it works, but I fear it misses […]

Back to Bacchanal

[Updated] Recently, OffBeat publisher Jan Ramsey wrote about Bacchanal being raided and fined for, among other things, having live music when it wasn’t zoned for live music. This week, New […]