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Dave Grohl Calls a Grammy Do-Over

Like everybody who’s ever thought of a withering rejoinder five minutes after the person who deserved it walked away, the Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl thought of what he should have […]

Rebirth Brass Band, Dave Bartholomew and Grammy Thoughts

The best news at yesterday’s Grammy Awards was Rebirth Brass Band winning the Grammy Award for Best Regional Roots Music Album for Rebirth of New Orleans, which was presented during […]

Happening on Canal Street…Rebirth or Not?…and Merry Christmas!

I just got back from a tour of the Joy Theater on the corner of Canal and Loyola Streets. I’ve seen many a movie there, but the theater had gotten […]

Grammys Nix Cajun Zydeco, and a lot more

After the many years of hard work and politicking to establish a “Cajun-Zydeco” category at the Grammys, NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences—the organization that presents the Grammys) […]

Grammy Come, Grammy Go

I have a hard time feeling a sense of great injustice for the Recording Academy’s decision to consolidate categories, in the process wiping the Best Cajun/Zydeco Album category. I’d prefer […]

Join Us and Buy

Sunday night’s Grammy spectacle was as usual confusing to say the least. Beyonce hijacked the members of Janet Jackson’s rhythm nation to escort her to the stage for “If I […]

Reading’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Buckwheat Zydeco’s Lay Your Burden Down has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Cajun/Zydeco Album category, which adds credence to my belief that Grammy voters are going on […]

Grammy Has a Crazy Stick

After a few years when the Grammys seemed at least partially tethered to planet Earth, they returned to form this year, seeming more like a crotchety old man waving his […]

Grammy results so far

  [UPDATE BELOW] I just started checking Grammy’s Twitter feed, and the pre-tel when most of the awards are given out is still going on, even though E! is showing […]

Left Out

  Wilson Savoy reflects on the overlooked band in this year’s Grammy consideration for Best Cajun/Zydeco Album here.  Along the way, he touches on why the omission and what “Cajun […]