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Ephemera, or the wonderful world of disposable information

The internet is wonderful, and opens up almost infinite possibilities for acquiring and seeking out new information; it’s had a profound impact on how we relate to the universe. It […]

Tell Us What You Want

The ongoing saga of the decimation of the Times-Picayune continues. Like many others in the city, I was glued to the Facebook page “Friends of the Times-Picayune Editorial Staff”. It […]

So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star?

Today, here’s how the economics work. DigitalNewsDaily.com reports that Ken Shipley of the Numero Group worked out this breakdown of the payouts from the upcoming iCloud, which Shipley has opted […]

Geek as a Verb

Wednesday, OffBeat contributor Alex Cook blogged about comedian Patton Oswalt’s argument that the Internet is killing the geek subculture. In an essay he wrote for Wired, Oswalt said: The problem […]

Old Man Mellencamp

Tuesday, John Mellencamp called the Internet “the most dangerous thing invented since the Atomic bomb,” and railed against its impact on music, including mp3s. He said of remastered Beatles track: […]