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Galactic & Friends Bring Houseman Home March 23

Former Galactic singer, Theryl “Houseman” DeClouet will rejoin his old band this Saturday night at Tipitina’s, in a benefit show called “Bring the Houseman Home.” DeClouet, who sang lead for Galactic for nearly a decade, lost his house and possessions in Hurricane Katrina and has since lived in Chicago. The benefit Saturday is planned to [...]

Treme Episode Three Recap: The Music of Crickets

Last night’s episode of Treme was a pivotal one, setting up several scenarios to develop throughout the season. Toni goes after a bad apple in the NOPD in a very public way and anticipates the repercussions, warning Sofia to keep her nose clean and not make herself a target. Antoine introduces Delmond to LaDonna, who [...]

Treme Episode Three: Don’t Let the Water Wash Us Away

“Me Donkey Want Water,” the title of Episode 3, Season 3 of Treme, is also the title of one of Monk Boudreaux’s compositions on Tab Benoit’s Voice of the Wetlands album, one of the most important pieces of music in Louisiana history. The record, recorded in January 2005 at Piety Street, warned of the catastrophe [...]

Treme Returns Tonight For Season Three

The third season of Treme starts as in so many episodes, with Antoine Batiste  (Wendell Pierce) in a cab, debating the details with a driver and volleying for a pass, or in this case straight up arguing the geometry of the Crescent City triangle. Just over two years since Katrina, it’s a friendly welcome back to [...]

Hurricane Anxiety

Am sitting in my (still) Katrina-damaged home thinking to myself: “Can we go through this again?” As of this writing, Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to strengthen and hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast east of New Orleans, which means our city will be be on the bad side of the storm, getting the most wind [...]

C.J. Chenier, Can’t Sit Down (World Village Records)

C.J. Chenier’s last album, The Desperate Kingdom of Love, went about as far outside the zydeco mainstream as you can get—ominous title, PJ Harvey title track, generally downbeat feel. But that was also a fairly explicit post-Katrina album, and it’s likely to be a one-off in his catalog. He’s back to party-band mode this time, [...]

More Scary Than Halloween…

Last night I had the privilege of viewing part-time New Orleanian/actor/musician/radio personality and journalist Harry Shearer’s documentary on the real cause of Katrina’s flooding, The Big Uneasy. Everyone knows about the flood and the suffering and destruction it caused, but not much media attention has been focused on the real problem: why our levees actually failed. [...]

Stephen Rehage

New Orleans has such a rich musical history that the city’s festival culture often reads like the climactic moment in Casablanca when Claude Rains says, “Round up the usual suspects!” Producer Stephen Rehage has rewritten that scene for the Voodoo Experience, now in its 12th renewal. Rehage sees New Orleans music in a millennial context [...]

October 2010 Letters

SCHOOLED BY NEW ORLEANS Great article on the great soul known as Ed Blackwell. I first heard Blackwell play in New York City in the late ’70s and not knowing his background, my first thought was that he sounded like a “Caribbean street parade.” It wasn’t until 25 years later when I finally got to [...]

Try-Me Coffee: Bywater Brew

It’s a typical Tuesday morning at Try-Me Coffee—roasting coffee, contacting clients and filling out police reports. According to third-generation owner Bob Lutz, “I got in this morning and found out they stole my van again. You get the feeling, ‘Okay, we’ll sell out and get out of here.’ But I can’t afford to retire; I’m [...]