The First Heroine of Louisiana Music

I can’t remember when I first met Maggie Warwick, but it was probably around 1990, when I served on the advisory board of the Louisiana Music Commission, and she was one of the commissioners. I didn’t know the lady well then, but was impressed with her beauty, southern charm, obvious talent, and smarts.

Maggie Lewis Warwick

Maggie has always had a reputation as the “go-to” person in Shreveport.  She’s been the mover and shaker in the Shreveport music scene for as long as I’ve known her, and way, way before that. She has over 35 years in the music business, as a singer/songwriter, musician, producer and music publisher, which is the major reason OffBeat presented her with a Best of The Beat Award for Lifetime Achievement in Music Business in 2009. But she’s also devoted her life to preserving Louisiana music, specifically the musical heritage of northern Louisiana, including the Louisiana Hayride. She’s tireless in her enthusiasm for her city and her music, and I’ve always admired her passion for reviving the Hayride and its original home, the Municipal Memorial Auditorium in Shreveport.

Maggie is being honored as one of the “Heroes of Louisiana Music” at the Old U.S. Mint on Tuesday evening, July 17. She’ll perform and be interviewed by musician and writer Michael Hurtt, who contributed many stories to OffBeat‘s pages.

I’m proud to call Maggie a friend and am thrilled that another woman in the music business is being honored as a “hero” at the Mint. Learn more about her and her shining career in this Ponderosa Stomp video.

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