The “Noise” Issue Will Continue

The noise issue was not ended by last week’s rally. The fight is still on. Vast numbers of New Orleans citizens are cognizant of the issues that go along with the recent machinations of certain members of the VCPORA to sneak their agenda into the City Council. The idea, presented apparently by the VCPORA moved the highly restrictive ordinance through Ms. Head’s office and throughout the council.

It didn’t work. The pro-music, pro-common sense faction stopped it after word leaked about the ordinance being introduced and signed off on the all members of the council.

This is the way that political agendas used to be handled before the internet made access to information much easier, and virtually instantaneous.

But thanks to people in the city who want more of say in the political process, and largely through the grass roots organization of MaCCNO, the ordinance was withdrawn.

This isn’t the end of this, by any means.

Meg Lousteau, Executive Director, Nathan Chapman, former VCPORA President, Ray Boudreaux, former VCPORA President, and Carol Allen, VCPORA President in CIty Council Chambers.

The VCPORA board  is the mover and shaker behind this effort. Chapman speaks in a conciliatory manner when he’s on the radio (listen to this podcast) , but the organization’s spokepersons’ (Lousteau, Chapman, Allen) agenda has not changed one iota. In fact, it’s kind of interesting, when you hear Chapman say that “the Council has asked us to…”–us? Who’s that? The VCPORA? As Freilich says.”‘The Council’ doesn’t ask anything. A person does. And whoever the person was is Chapman/Smith/VCPORA’s back door into the legislative process.”

Please read my friend (and fellow ranter) Bob Frielich’s take and “autopsy” on this political ploy.

The forces are rallying, and the fight will continue.

It behooves every single person who lives in New Orleans to make their voice heard on this issue. If you don’t, money and power win, and you lose your culture.


  • Beadhead

    Did you notice Ms. Hotard did not mention who, exactly, was the person or persons who compelled Stacey Head to introduce the offending ordinance? Don’t the people of New Orleans have a right to know who is pulling the strings with Council in this matter and in this manner? If Stacey Head doesn’t come clean and reveal who the puppet master or masters are, she doesn’t deserve a single vote in the upcoming council elections.