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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

In the Spirit: “Buddy Bolden” by Emeril’s Delmonico’s Colleen Vizents

“I used to come to New Orleans on vacation all the time, before I picked up and moved here. Seattle is beautiful, but it doesn’t have the same history and […]

In the Spirit: Big Chief Brumble by Superior Seafood’s Thomas Houston

“I know we talked about doing a deconstructed rum and coke—because of Professor Longhair’s song “Rum and Coke,” which is this bouncy diddy—but anything I did with Coca Cola just […]

In the Spirit: Gin in My System by Lucky Rooster’s Christine Jeanine Nielsen

“I like the acidity of this. I always like drinks to be a little more sour than sweet. And I like three-ingredient drinks; they’re easy to make balanced. Sometimes it […]

In the Spirit: Strange Saz by Booty’s Street Food’s Ted Blumenthal

“I started bartending when I was 20—nobody realized. I ran the bar program at a shitty hotel bar in the CBD and worked weekends here at Booty’s, but then decided […]

Night People by Twelve Mile Limit’s Cole Newton

“I am the owner, general manager and head bartender here at Twelve Mile Limit. This is my bar. We’re somewhere between a fancy dive bar and a really dive-y cocktail […]

The Question & The Answer by Maurepas Foods’ Brad Smith

“Immediately, I was drawn towards metal; I’m a metal head, shall we say, since my early 20s. I grew up in a very strict Pentecostal christian family so my access […]

Pops’ Smokin’ Fizz
by SoBou’s Abigail Gullo

This OffBeat’s first article for In the Spirit, a new series featuring New Orleans mixologists who create drinks in honor of famous Louisiana musicians. “Being that I’m a transplant to […]