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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

In the Spirit: Murf Reeves at Erin Rose

I started out as a bouncer in Boston. The first question they asked me was, ‘Can you handle yourself in a fight?’ The main clientele was blacks and skinheads. They […]

In the Spirit: Rhiannon Enlil of Cure

I like playing with weird ingredients. I’m a huge fan of taking simple, classic and elegant drinks and flipping them inside out. This is essentially a Sazerac, but I split […]

In the Spirit: Chris Hannah of French 75

“Danny Barker is one of my heroes. I don’t think enough people talk about him. Probably my favorite compliment that I ever received living here was at the Backstreet Cultural […]

In the Spirit: Steve Yamada of Bar R’evolution

“I was working at Tivoli & Lee recently and we were doing live music for our brunches, and Josh Paxton was there, and in between sets he’d play Booker. One […]

In The Spirit: “Shake the Devil Off” by Kimberly Patton-Bragg of Tivoli & Lee

Washboard Chaz and I have a New York connection. A gentleman I did Shakespeare with up there used to jam with Washboard Chaz when he lived in San Francisco, so […]

In the Spirit: “The Davenport Old Fashioned” by Zoe Solis of Patrick’s Bar Vin

“This drink is basically all liquor. It’s a little dangerous. I like to make drinks like that, that are all alcohol, but don’t taste like it. I also like to […]

All Bottled Up: New Orleans Gin Euphrosine #9 Wins a Medal

New Orleans might be most associated with bourbon and rum, but local small-batch distillery Atelier Vie, located inside the Art Egg on Broad Street, introduced a new product, Euphrosine Gin […]

In the Spirit: “Buddy Bolden” by Emeril’s Delmonico’s Colleen Vizents

“I used to come to New Orleans on vacation all the time, before I picked up and moved here. Seattle is beautiful, but it doesn’t have the same history and […]

In the Spirit: Big Chief Brumble by Superior Seafood’s Thomas Houston

“I know we talked about doing a deconstructed rum and coke—because of Professor Longhair’s song “Rum and Coke,” which is this bouncy diddy—but anything I did with Coca Cola just […]

In the Spirit: Gin in My System by Lucky Rooster’s Christine Jeanine Nielsen

“I like the acidity of this. I always like drinks to be a little more sour than sweet. And I like three-ingredient drinks; they’re easy to make balanced. Sometimes it […]