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Chris French hits the Spot

Of all the Vietnamese restaurants in New Orleans, why Pho Cam Ly? This is my first time here, actually. I’ve been at the hospital with my daughter who just had […]

Ann Tuennerman hits the Spot

What are you ordering? I’m going to get the yellow curry. I haven’t ordered it here before, but I had some a week ago someplace else and I wanted to […]

Michael Girardot Hits the Spot

How did you first learn of this place? This is actually my first time eating here, in the restaurant. But I’ve had their food. We were recording our last album […]

Dancing Man Hits the Spot

How often do you come here? I come here since the new ownership. It used to be La Peniche and I didn’t like their grits, so it killed the whole […]

Johnny Sansone hits the Spot

I think I’ll have what you’re having… I always get the falafel plate. I don’t eat meat, so that’s what I do. Maybe get a falafel sandwich. I usually come […]

Charlie Halloran Hits the Spot

Nice shirt. I’ve always been into Caribbean stuff. I like the music, the food and the drinks, too.   I’ve heard you’re so much into tiki bars, you have one […]

Andrew Wiseman Hits The Spot

What did you order today? A vegetarian quesadilla with cheese and vegetables, and rice and beans on the side. It was so nice. What do you like about Casa Borrega? […]

Alexandra Scott Hits the Spot

When did you first come here? Not long ago, to get a sandwich and it was a great sandwich [beet flatbread with sunflower seed puree]. I’m a connoisseur of good […]

Leroy Jones & Katja Toivola Hit The Spot

How did you find Café Dauphine? Partly because Freddie Lonzo lives around the corner. And it’s such a nice space! Classy, yet casual.   What will you be ordering, Katja? […]

Trixie Minx Hits the Spot at Curious Oyster Co.

In my musicians’ cookbook, The Gravy, your recipe was actually a cocktail. Let me tell you, friends and I started a lunch club. And the only rule was that you […]