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Issue Articles — The Spot

Paul Sanchez hits the Spot at Napoleon House

What are you getting? I’ve been on the road a lot this year, so I wanted to come someplace really New Orleans. I’ve been coming here since the 1970s, since […]

Matt Rhody Hits the Spot at Angela Brocato

What do you get here? Always ice cream. Sometimes a cannoli. How often do you come? I try to resist coming here all the time. I like ice cream in […]

Darcy Malone Hits the Spot at Blue Oak BBQ

When was the first time you came? My love affair with this place began when they were inside Chickie Wah Wah. Whenever we played there I would get the brussel […]

Craig Klein hits the Spot at JuiceNOLA

[of Bonerama, the New Orleans Jazz Vipers and the Storyville Stompers] When did you start coming here? Actually, I lived in Arabi for many years and used to drive by […]

Guy Gelso hits the Spot

[of Louisiana Music Hall of Fame rock band Zebra, from 1975] When did you eat here last? Someone just hired us to play our first wedding; two brothers from New […]

Chris French hits the Spot

Of all the Vietnamese restaurants in New Orleans, why Pho Cam Ly? This is my first time here, actually. I’ve been at the hospital with my daughter who just had […]

Ann Tuennerman hits the Spot

What are you ordering? I’m going to get the yellow curry. I haven’t ordered it here before, but I had some a week ago someplace else and I wanted to […]

Michael Girardot Hits the Spot

How did you first learn of this place? This is actually my first time eating here, in the restaurant. But I’ve had their food. We were recording our last album […]

Dancing Man Hits the Spot

How often do you come here? I come here since the new ownership. It used to be La Peniche and I didn’t like their grits, so it killed the whole […]

Johnny Sansone hits the Spot

I think I’ll have what you’re having… I always get the falafel plate. I don’t eat meat, so that’s what I do. Maybe get a falafel sandwich. I usually come […]