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Donna Angelle and the Zydeco Posse, I’m Just a Country Girl (Cypress Records)

Can you believe it? Donna Angelle’s last album, Guaranteed Lover, was released 11 years ago (2008) before the zydeco diva experienced one of those “life happens” events. Despite being musically […]

Fr. Ron & Friends, On My Way Home (Independent)

Retired Episcopal priest Father Ron Clingenpeel and his merrymaking musical gang enjoyed recording his 2016 folk covers album This Land so much, they had to do it again. But unlike […]

Sean Ardoin, Ven (Zydekool Records)

Hey, wait a minute! Didn’t Sean Ardoin just put out an album? But hot off the heels of his 2018 Grammy-nominated Kreole Rock and Soul comes Ven (meaning 20 in […]

Prends Courage: Feufollet celebrates its 20th anniversary

It’s hard to fathom at this point, but what was once a group of child prodigy Cajun musicians celebrates its 20th anniversary in October with two special shows: Festivals Acadiens […]

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles celebrates the role of women in Cajun-Creole music

In April 1929, a chapter of Cajun music history was written when Amédé, Ophy and their sister Cleoma Breaux recorded the original version of a quintessential Cajun tune entitled “Ma […]

Mike Broussard & Nu’Edition Zydeko, “One Shot” (Independent)

Before launching Nu’Edition Zydeko in 2017, Mike Broussard spent years playing guitar and/or bass for Roy Carrier, Keith Frank, Lil’ Nate, Big Nathan, Wayne Singleton and Chris Ardoin. When it […]

Smoky Greenwell, “Blues and the Power of Peace” (Greenwell Records)

Smoky Greenwell was on his way to a yoga retreat in Tennessee when he visited longtime buddy Johnny Neel, producer of his first five albums, in Nashville. Greenwell, of course, […]

Keith Frank Presents the Soulwood All-Stars Vol. 3, “Legends of the South” (Soulwood Records)

Zydeco boss Keith Frank didn’t record much for a few years, admittedly hitting an artistic drought. But then the floodgates bust open with 2017’s One Night at Cowboy’s and 2018’s […]

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, “Blues in My Blood” (Nola Blue Records)

Tiffany Pollack and Eric Johanson are literally long lost cousins who connected later in life. Since both already had their mainstay gigs–Johanson entrenched in blues, and Pollack a jazz singer–they […]

Joe Hall & the Cane Cutters, Aye Cher Catin (Fruge Records)

Joe Hall & the Cane Cutters’ Aye Cher Catin is the group’s third official offering on the Michigan-based Fruge Records that is coincidentally helmed by Cane Cutters’ guitarist Mark Palms. […]