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Various Artists, I Wanna Sing Right: Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country (Part Two: Love and Death) (Valcour Records)

Valcour Records’ second installment of the Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country series is a not-so-subtle reminder of just how incredibly complex the Lomax Archives really are. Luckily, these quarterly-released, […]

REWIND: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys (Rounder)

Steve Riley hits REWIND on the Mamou Playboys’ eponymously titled debut album—now a quarter century old.   “Well, we were a brand new band. We had just formed in 1988 […]

Leroy Thomas, We Love You Leroy! (Maison de Soul)

In some ways, Leroy Thomas’s first CD in five years picks up where his Maison de Soul Records debut left off. On his 2010 release, Jewel of the Bayou, he […]

Rewind: BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet, Gitane Cajun (Vanguard Records)

Michael Doucet hits REWIND to talk about one of his favorite records, 2004’s Gitane Cajun, its three co-producers, Doucet, brother David Doucet and pianist David Egan, and their eclectic song […]

Lisa Trahan et l’Esprit Cadien, If Those Shoes Could Talk (Independent)

Though Lisa Trahan was practically incubated in Cajun music and a Magnolia Sister since 1996, only now does she step out with her own ensemble and a debut CD. And […]

Choupique, Pass a Good Time (Independent)

Some Cajun artists will stay true to a particular era while cutting a record—but not so with Choupique. The Baton Rouge aggregation prefers to live in the moment and not […]

Long Sidewalks, Staffa (Breakfast4Dinner Records)

Long Sidewalks continues the collaborations between trombonists Jeb Bishop (of Chicago and North Carolina) and Jeff Albert (New Orleans). After Katrina and the Federal Flood, Albert recorded in Chicago with […]

Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys, Raw! (Independent)

Funny that Rosie Ledet’s 10th studio album would be titled Raw! when that’s been an apt description of her music all along. But truth be told, this one’s rawer than […]

Peter Novelli, St. Amant Sessions (Chalet Music)

Peter Novelli’s third album kicks off with a bang with guest Sonny Landreth’s signature slide guitar on “Louisiana Sunrise.” It’s a riveting road song with Novelli driving all night to […]

GG Shinn, One Last Kiss (Sound of New Orleans)

In short, GG Shinn is the stuff legends are made of. He rose to prominence as a Boogie King with a four-octave range and one of the most gripping voices […]