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Doghill Stompers, We On the Rise (Independent)

The long-awaited debut from Lake Charles’ Doghill Stompers, a zydeco collective consisting of the grandsons of late Boozoo Chavis, probably won’t win any graphic arts awards with its hard-to-read title […]

The Pentones, Don’t Leave Nothin’ Behind (A Major Record La&bel)

It’d be easy to assume that this is solely a power trio, guitar-dominated affair based on the amped-up, fuzzed-out opening track “Delta Blues.” Yet the charm of the Pentones’ first […]

Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band, Zydeco Stuff (Swampadelic Records)

Why fix it if it ain’t broke? That’s been Chubby Carrier’s credo of late when it comes to making records. Just as he did on 2013’s Back to My Roots, […]

Sneaky Pete & The Fens, Live in Pompeii (Cadiz & Cadizn’t)

There’s nary a reference to Katrina, hurricane or the flood on these 14 tracks, but on Live in Pompeii, The Fens’ Sneaky Pete Orr unloads barrage after barrage at post-Katrina […]

Smithfield Fair, Marbles (Stevenson Productions)

Normally Smithfield Fair (SF) is revered for vocal harmonies, yet on its 30th album, the Baton Rouge–based folk collective does an about face and showcases its instrumental side over the […]

Various Artists, I Wanna Sing Right: Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country (Part Two: Love and Death) (Valcour Records)

Valcour Records’ second installment of the Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country series is a not-so-subtle reminder of just how incredibly complex the Lomax Archives really are. Luckily, these quarterly-released, […]

REWIND: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys (Rounder)

Steve Riley hits REWIND on the Mamou Playboys’ eponymously titled debut album—now a quarter century old.   “Well, we were a brand new band. We had just formed in 1988 […]

Leroy Thomas, We Love You Leroy! (Maison de Soul)

In some ways, Leroy Thomas’s first CD in five years picks up where his Maison de Soul Records debut left off. On his 2010 release, Jewel of the Bayou, he […]

Rewind: BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet, Gitane Cajun (Vanguard Records)

Michael Doucet hits REWIND to talk about one of his favorite records, 2004’s Gitane Cajun, its three co-producers, Doucet, brother David Doucet and pianist David Egan, and their eclectic song […]

Lisa Trahan et l’Esprit Cadien, If Those Shoes Could Talk (Independent)

Though Lisa Trahan was practically incubated in Cajun music and a Magnolia Sister since 1996, only now does she step out with her own ensemble and a debut CD. And […]