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Various Artists, I Wanna Sing Right: Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country Part Four: Good Women and Bad Girls (Valcour Records)

Valcour Records closes out its four-part series of reinterpreting jewels from the Lomax Archive with no shortage of surprises. Givers’ Tiffany Lamson probably has the most contemporary arrangement of the […]

Various Artists, Zydeco: Black Creole, French Music & Blues 1929–1972 (Frémeaux & Associés)

Though there are many paths to take when examining zydeco’s evolution, it’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive compilation than France’s Frémeaux & Associés’ Zydeco: Black Creole, French Music & […]

The Nouveau String Band, The Great American Road Trip (Pu-Pun Dreams)

After a litany of departed marquee female vocalists, the Nouveau String Band (NSB) has focused on being its own entity with the addition of Lafayette’s omnipresent drummer Danny Kimball. On […]

Keith Stone, The Prodigal Returns (Keith Stone Music)

As one might surmise by the title, Keith Stone left the Crescent City only to return with an even greater appreciation for his native city. Eventually producer/bassist David Hyde convinced […]

Boogie Kings, Legacy (MTE Records)

Legacy is the long-lost Boogie Kings record that was nearly completed in 2009. But when bandleader Ned Theall unexpectedly passed away in January 2010, its future became questionable. Last year […]

Michael Doucet and Tom Rigney, Cajun Fandango (Parhelion Records)

Epic jam sessions between BeauSoleil’s Michael Doucet and Flambeau’s Tom Rigney eventually materialized into this fiery twin fiddle record for the rest of world to hear. Doucet brought several Cajun […]

The Evolution of Zydeco: Sean Ardoin is Back

After 35 years of playing zydeco with his father (Lawrence Ardoin and His French Zydeco Band), leading Double Clutchin’ (featuring younger brother Chris on accordion) and fronting his own aggregation, […]

Jeff Chaz, Sounds Like the Blues to Me (JCP Records)

A French Quarter fixture known for marathon gigs, Jeff Chaz achieves a career milestone here that’s primarily due to having ample studio time with such A-list musicians as drummer Doug […]

Independent Filmmaker Robert Mugge Is Flying High

It’s easy to see why filmmaker Robert Mugge is flying high these days. Five of his films, including The Kingdom of Zydeco, Rhythm ’n’ Bayous: A Road Map to Louisiana […]

Absolutely!: LeBlanc Family Band Gives 120 Percent

LEBLANC FAMILY BAND: FRIDAY, APRIL 29—KIDS TENT, 3 P.M.   Breaux Bridge teenagers Leiton LeBlanc, 14, and her twin siblings Paige and Buddy, 13, never planned to be a Cajun […]