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Serving the Servers: Restaurant Saba’s Suzi Darré Takes Care of the People in the Kitchen and on the Floor

Before joining the team at Pomegranate Hospitality as Director of People & Culture, Suzi Darré oversaw human resources departments at several high profile hotels. OffBeat checked in with her on her new […]

Chef Frank Brigtsen on Brigtsen’s Blackened Yellowfin Tuna

Which of your dishes says the most about you?   Although we’re known for many things, the dish I have to choose is our blackened tuna with smoked corn sauce, […]

Maggie Morgan at Manolito

“I picked Jarboe, a musician who’d sing with Swans and Neurosis in the ’80s, but also does a lot of experimental rock and has released like 11 albums, still under […]

Chef Nina Compton on Compère Lapin’s Curried Goat

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? The curried goat really encompasses me as a chef. Because goat is something I grew up with, it’s […]

Margot Denman at N7

“I made a cocktail for Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington because when I first moved to New Orleans I got a job at Boucherie uptown and one of my regulars was Hank […]

In The Spirit with Crystal Pavlas at Bywater American Bistro

“I picked Louis Prima to be my inspiration for this cocktail because I think he represents New Orleans and a lot of the Italian influences on our cuisine and on […]

SOUNDCHECK: Five Questions with Chef Kevin Belton

You’re back on WYES-TV/Channel 12 with Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen, following on New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton two years ago. What do you get to do now that […]

The Dish: Chef Susan Spicer on Bayona’s Crispy Smoked Quail Salad

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? I would probably say the smoked quail salad. Because I love birds. I like to eat birds, I […]

In the Spirit with Missy Cross at St. Cecilia

“For this cocktail, I start by pouring a double shot of espresso over ice before adding the other ingredients. Then I’m ready to shake it up. Because this is a […]

Pho Cam Ly

Some foods are for moods. I love cheese, for example, but only crave fondue on rare occasions when I’m neither particularly hungry nor full and the thing I’m after is […]