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Paul Sanchez hits the Spot at Napoleon House

What are you getting? I’ve been on the road a lot this year, so I wanted to come someplace really New Orleans. I’ve been coming here since the 1970s, since […]

In the Spirit: Jacob Cureton at Annunciation

“I just met George [Porter, Jr.] at Dos Jefes. I was sitting there with one of my good friends and he was all drunk and it was his birthday and he […]

Matt Rhody Hits the Spot at Angela Brocato

What do you get here? Always ice cream. Sometimes a cannoli. How often do you come? I try to resist coming here all the time. I like ice cream in […]

In the Spirit: Alex Siler at Primitivo

“When I first came to New Orleans, we were doing a lot of busking just to pass the time. That was in 2007. It was mostly for fun—we had jobs […]

In the Spirit: Lisa Nguyen at Seaworthy

“I’m from New Orleans and I met King Louie [Bankston] when I was 24. I was dating a friend of his at the time, and he was such a crazy […]

Ricky Gomez at Compère Lapin

It’s tough being the person who’s always engaging, so giving the guest a way to engage you makes for more give and take. We choose to serve, but if you […]

Peter-John Hanne at Feelings Café

“I picked Nicky Da B for this drink. He passed a year ago, so his passing is fresh on my mind. Plus, I always liked bounce music. ‘Express Yourself’ is […]

Trixie Minx Hits the Spot at Curious Oyster Co.

In my musicians’ cookbook, The Gravy, your recipe was actually a cocktail. Let me tell you, friends and I started a lunch club. And the only rule was that you […]

In the Spirit: Jeff Grdinich of Angeline

“We had gone out to Pelican Produce, which is a family farm that’s renting plots all up around the Ninth Ward. They convert the land, take out the dirt and […]

The New Orleans Wine Business is Booming

It used to be that in order to buy a bottle of wine in New Orleans, you’d head to the nearest grocery store, or make a trek to Martin Wine […]