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Ricky Gomez at Compère Lapin

It’s tough being the person who’s always engaging, so giving the guest a way to engage you makes for more give and take. We choose to serve, but if you […]

Peter-John Hanne at Feelings Café

“I picked Nicky Da B for this drink. He passed a year ago, so his passing is fresh on my mind. Plus, I always liked bounce music. ‘Express Yourself’ is […]

Trixie Minx Hits the Spot at Curious Oyster Co.

In my musicians’ cookbook, The Gravy, your recipe was actually a cocktail. Let me tell you, friends and I started a lunch club. And the only rule was that you […]

In the Spirit: Jeff Grdinich of Angeline

“We had gone out to Pelican Produce, which is a family farm that’s renting plots all up around the Ninth Ward. They convert the land, take out the dirt and […]

The New Orleans Wine Business is Booming

It used to be that in order to buy a bottle of wine in New Orleans, you’d head to the nearest grocery store, or make a trek to Martin Wine […]

Bruce Sunpie Barnes hits the Spot

Is this your first time at High Hat, or are you a regular? I’ve been here before. I’ve had the catfish, the roast pork, the burger, and that roasted chicken […]

In the Spirit with Max Messier at Bar Tonique

“I’ve been in the service industry my whole life. Managed comedy clubs, nightclubs, and my dad managed nightclubs. I remember playing bar at my grandparents’ house in California, making up […]

Eric Rogers Hits the Spot at Wasabi on Frenchmen

Why are we here? I wanted to try this location. I live in Lakeview and go to the Wasabi that’s out there all the time. It’s the exact same menu, […]

In the Spirit: Nick Detrich of Cane and Table

“This is for Lil’ Doogie Fontaine, the Westbank puppet rapper. Rami [Sharkey], who does Lil’ Doogie, is a friend, and he actually did Cane & Table’s website too, but anyway, […]

The Weird Turn Pro

Inspired by the Hunter S. Thompson quote, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro,” local artist and University of New Orleans Fine Arts graduate Bill Crowell recently put […]