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In the Spirit: “The Davenport Old Fashioned” by Zoe Solis of Patrick’s Bar Vin

“This drink is basically all liquor. It’s a little dangerous. I like to make drinks like that, that are all alcohol, but don’t taste like it. I also like to keep things simple. At Patrick’s Bar Vin, we’re known as a wine bar, and we do have really great wines, but we also have fantastic [...]

All Bottled Up: New Orleans Gin Euphrosine #9 Wins a Medal

New Orleans might be most associated with bourbon and rum, but local small-batch distillery Atelier Vie, located inside the Art Egg on Broad Street, introduced a new product, Euphrosine Gin #9, last November and has already brought home a gold medal for it from the inaugural craft spirits judging of the American Craft Distillers Association [...]

Talking About Music at the New Orleans International Music Colloquium

The history and heritage of New Orleans music will be discussed during the French Quarter Festival at the annual series of presentations, panels and interviews at the New Orleans International Music Colloquium. Everything takes place at the Cabildo, 701 Chartres Street, free and open to the public. Highlights include Dr. Thomas Jacobsen discussing his new [...]

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NOLA Smokehouse: Smokin’ on Jackson

Rob Bechtold of NOLA Smokehouse is no longer hiding his meats behind the PJ’s on Magazine Street. He’s now smoking up what used to be bounce rapper 10th Ward Buck’s wing-shack on Jackson Avenue at Annunciation Street, with actual hours posted on the door. Bechtold hopes to stay open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. [...]

In the Spirit: “Buddy Bolden” by Emeril’s Delmonico’s Colleen Vizents

“I used to come to New Orleans on vacation all the time, before I picked up and moved here. Seattle is beautiful, but it doesn’t have the same history and architecture and culture and love for music. Also, I’m not sad about the weather here. We have traditional New Orleans cocktails on our menu and [...]

Krewe of Red Beans & Rice Show Off Mardi Gras Costumes

Krewe of Red Beans & Rice parades with the Treme Brass Band from Port and Royal through the Marigny and Treme neighborhoods to the Backstreet Cultural Museum on Lundi Gras at 2 p.m. The Krewe first paraded in 2009 after founder Devin De Wulf had great success with a suit he’d decorated with Camellia red [...]

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Musicians Make Money

In Money from Music, a survey of 5,000 musicians nationwide, Peter DiCola at Northwestern University School of Law found that recording and composing, including music sales, account for a surprisingly small share of music income: 12 percent. The number might be even lower, as high-earning musicians tend to make more money from copyright-related sources and [...]

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In the Spirit: Big Chief Brumble by Superior Seafood’s Thomas Houston

“I know we talked about doing a deconstructed rum and coke—because of Professor Longhair’s song “Rum and Coke,” which is this bouncy diddy—but anything I did with Coca Cola just turned into flat Coke—no cola bitters I made came out right. Originally I tried rye whiskey. I knew I wanted to make something for Professor [...]

Photos: Taylor 2 at the Marigny Opera House

Taylor 2, the traveling dance company founded by modern choreographer Paul Taylor, took over the Marigny Opera House for a series of performances and master classes this Thursday through Saturday (January 16-18). Friday’s show drew a good crowd, with six dancers exploring 1970s ideas of democracy, solidarity and socialism, illustrating how empathy for the lesser among us and [...]

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In the Spirit: Gin in My System by Lucky Rooster’s Christine Jeanine Nielsen

“I like the acidity of this. I always like drinks to be a little more sour than sweet. And I like three-ingredient drinks; they’re easy to make balanced. Sometimes it gets a little obnoxious when it gets over five… I want you to taste all the ingredients. And for this, I wanted it to be [...]