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The Weird Turn Pro

Inspired by the Hunter S. Thompson quote, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro,” local artist and University of New Orleans Fine Arts graduate Bill Crowell recently put […]

The Spot: Josh Paxton at Elizabeth’s

Why Elizabeth’s? I realize this is heresy for someone in New Orleans, but six days out of the week I eat turkey sandwiches and Weight Watchers frozen dinners. But this […]

In the Spirit: Julia McElroy of Grand Isle

“I’ve only lived in New Orleans for a year. I love it here. I had never even heard of St. Germain [elderflower liqueur] before I came. I’m from up north, […]

Capturing Storyville on Canvas

Artist Linda Lesperance has created a new series of oil paintings entitled “Storyville,” to be shown at the Jean Bragg Gallery at 600 Julia Street this March, with an opening […]

Tarriona “Tank” Ball hits the Spot at Zea

What makes Zea one of your favorite places? They have really good grits. I grew up on white farina grits, which are really soft grits, like baby grits or something. […]

In the Spirit: Lynn Burgett at Ten Eleven

I went to school for chemical engineering, working for a prototyping company, and my boss was also a rep for a local vineyard, so when I told him I wanted […]

Online Local Grocer Good Eggs Continues to Count its Greens

About this time last year, Good Eggs New Orleans was a bright one-year-old with 10 employees selling products from roughly a dozen Louisiana farmers and food makers. Today, the local […]

The Strangest Album Covers of 2014

2014 was a tough year for album design. Maybe we can blame the economy for that. Not enough money for musicians means not enough money to pay photographers and designers […]

In the Spirit: Tyler Chauvin of Treo

I started bartending 12 years ago at Café Banquette. I was 18 and  started as a shot girl. That was the heyday, packed with people wall to wall and they […]

Artisan Bread in New Orleans Finally Gets an Attitude

If it wasn’t for the white delivery van parked out front of the old Capt. Sal’s Seafood building on Toledano Street and for the wonderful smell wafting down Washington Avenue […]