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Hot Vegan, in From The Cold

Barbara Menendez set New Orleans on fire in the ’80s with her punk-rock band The Cold. She’s now back with another high-energy project—the “Vegan Dawlin’” cookbook. When her husband, guitarist Ray Ganucheau, was diagnosed with a rare, genetic heart disorder two years ago and went on a no-fat, no-animal diet, Menendez took it upon herself [...]

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In the Spirit: Rhiannon Enlil of Cure

I like playing with weird ingredients. I’m a huge fan of taking simple, classic and elegant drinks and flipping them inside out. This is essentially a Sazerac, but I split the whiskey with pine liqueur and I even split the whiskey into two different types of whiskey, one from Tennessee and one from Kentucky. My [...]

In the Spirit: Chris Hannah of French 75

“Danny Barker is one of my heroes. I don’t think enough people talk about him. Probably my favorite compliment that I ever received living here was at the Backstreet Cultural Museum. I asked the lady there if there were more pictures of Danny Barker, because I like the way he dressed, and she said, ‘You [...]

Bittermens Bitters Lives the Sweet Life in New Orleans

Avery and Janet Glasser just bought a new, shiny toy for their workshop in Harahan. It’s a custom-built bottling and labeling machine. Empty, blue bottles are loaded up (by Avery) on the left, then automatically filled with bitters from a tank, and next transported to a holding area. There, Avery places a dropper on top [...]

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New Orleans Distillery Atelier Vie Gains Recognition

For all of its cocktail history, history-making drinking and bartender-rock stars, New Orleans has been a bit out of the loop when it comes to the production of alcoholic beverages. Jedd Haas, founder of Atelier Vie, a micro-distillery located in the ArtEgg Studios on Broad Street, is changing that. Noting the success of Old New [...]

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In the Spirit: Steve Yamada of Bar R’evolution

“I was working at Tivoli & Lee recently and we were doing live music for our brunches, and Josh Paxton was there, and in between sets he’d play Booker. One of the things Booker was famous for doing was taking classical pieces like Chopin and Bach and inserting jazz themes, going from a baroque theme [...]

Photo Op: Zack Smith has One Foot in the Swamp

As a musician and a photographer, Zack Smith combines two passions for his exhibition, One Food in the Swamp: Portraits and Daydreams as Photographs, a collection of 16 photographs of local artists, musicians, actors and dancers, along with some personal favorites from the last 14 years. Smith calls his work “collective collaborations.” The Rotary Downs [...]

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Marigny Opera House Launches Modern Dance Company

The Marigny Opera House is launching its own professional modern dance company dedicated to the work of local choreographers and musicians. Beginning this October (and then again in January and April) the company will host a full season of performances, featuring the work of choreographers Maya Taylor, Donna Crump and Diogo de Lima. The Marigny [...]

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In the Spirit: “The Davenport Old Fashioned” by Zoe Solis of Patrick’s Bar Vin

“This drink is basically all liquor. It’s a little dangerous. I like to make drinks like that, that are all alcohol, but don’t taste like it. I also like to keep things simple. At Patrick’s Bar Vin, we’re known as a wine bar, and we do have really great wines, but we also have fantastic [...]

All Bottled Up: New Orleans Gin Euphrosine #9 Wins a Medal

New Orleans might be most associated with bourbon and rum, but local small-batch distillery Atelier Vie, located inside the Art Egg on Broad Street, introduced a new product, Euphrosine Gin #9, last November and has already brought home a gold medal for it from the inaugural craft spirits judging of the American Craft Distillers Association [...]