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The Dish: Chef Kelly Fields on Willa Jean’s BBQ Shrimp Toast

Which dish on your Willa Jean menu says the most about you? Our BBQ Shrimp Toast. Why is that? We all come from fine dining here, so we’re used to […]

Matt Ray and Sonali Fernando at Ace Hotel

Matt Ray (MR): “We wanted to create a cocktail that would honor the spirit of Three Keys, our bar and performance venue.” Sonali Fernando (SF): “The venue is named after […]

Dining Out: Restaurant R’evolution

With so many new restaurants opening up all the time all over New Orleans, a first visit anywhere can be accompanied by a mélange of excitement and anxiety. Ambitious endeavors […]


It’s a sugar cube! It’s a garage! It’s a … sushi bunker? The exterior of the building that’s housed the Japanese restaurant Mikimoto on Carrollton Avenue for the last 19 […]

Chef R.J. Tsarov’s Thai Moules et Frites at the Delachaise

So glad these are still on the menu, even after you left! How did you come up with the recipe? “About 4-5 years ago, I wanted to do a Thai […]

Denzel Brown at Longway Tavern

“Naughty Professor embodies that serious funk groove and all around good-time music that I love. When I went to school at Loyola I started hearing about their music and fell […]

Boudin In The City

The Cajun country super food that once required a trip westward along the I-10 is making inroads in New Orleans.   When the elderly Nook and Mother Bonin closed up […]

HOT OFF THE GRIDDLE: The Crazy Waffle Sisterhood

Sinnidra Taylor and her sister Aisha grew up in the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans. Not seeing any obvious career paths open to her, Sinnidra moved to Houston, Texas to […]

Café Abyssinia

It’s common knowledge that anything marked with a neon highlighter deserves attention, and this is true for the low-slung building just off Magazine Street (a literal gravel throw behind Imperial […]

Chef Levi Raines on Bywater American Bistro’s Brisket Sandwich

Chef Levi Raines on Bywater American Bistro’s Brisket Sandwich   Which of your dishes says the most about you? “I just love sandwiches. I know it might be a stigma […]