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As you enter the Professor Longhair exhibit, formally called “Me Got Fiyo: The Professor Longhair Centennial,” on the second floor of the Old U.S. Mint, a bust of the iconic […]

Don Suhor, New Orleans Clarinet & Sax Virtuoso (GHB Records)

Don Suhor thoroughly embraced both traditional and modern jazz and often would infiltrate one of these kissin’ cousins within the other. He also brought an equal amount of fervor to […]

Davy Mooney and Ko Omura, Benign Strangers (Sunnyside Records)

As the title of the album and opening cut, Benign Strangers, suggests, a certain musical and human gentleness prevails. Davy Mooney, a talented guitarist and graduate of NOCCA and the […]

Bunk Johnson, Rare & Unissued Masters: Volume Two 1943–1946 (American Music)

These recordings of New Orleans trumpet legend Bunk Johnson, who first gained a reputation in the period from 1905 to 1915, represent his work during his “comeback” era. It has […]

Through the Generations: Wendell Brunious and the “Brunious sound”

Trumpeter and vocalist Wendell Brunious boasts a towering musical family tree primarily flowered with trumpets. He is the son of trumpet master John “Picket” (or “Picky”) Brunious Sr. and Nazimova […]

Living the Tradition: Mark Braud’s musical family

“It’s all New Orleans and it is all a part of me,” says Mark Braud of the music heard on his latest release, Living the Tradition. The trumpeter, vocalist and […]

In Memoriam: Henry Butler (September 21, 1948 – July 2, 2018)

Henry Butler once described himself as “a work in progress,” as his aim was to continually challenge himself and the status quo. The brilliant pianist, vocalist and composer accomplished that […]

Ledisi Talks Back

Ledisi, whose name means “to bring forth” in the Yoruba language, will be in a very familiar setting when she performs at the Essence Music Festival on Friday, July 6. […]

Five Questions with DJ Captain Charles

DJ Captain Charles spins at Essence Festival again. The immensely popular deejay and Old School 106.7 FM radio host, who made his first appearance at Essence in the late 1990s, […]

Derrick Freeman and James Martin, Soul (Independent)

It’s almost guaranteed that if Derrick Freeman’s name is on it, there’s going to be some funk involved. Sure enough, the drummer is rhythmically, vocally and attitude-wise up to that […]